Doom 2016: Where to Find all the Elite Guards Location Guide

 Doom 2016: Where to Find all the Elite Guards Location Guide

(Screengrab via IGN)

In Doom 2016, there are various collectibles you can found in each Mission of the game. These includes Data Logs, Elite Guards Upgrades, Field Drones, Automaps and much more. This Doom Guide will show you the exact location for all the Elite Guards in each chapter. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Elite Guards Location.

Elite Guards Location

Where to Find all the Elite Guards

The UAC Elite Guard

Location: Once you are done dealing with the Possessed demons head towards the left and find your first Elite Guard near the wall.

Resource Operation Elite Guard

Location 1: In the Gore nest Location you must head inside the hatch which is on the right of the hallway to grab this guard.

Location 2: Once you get the yellow keycard head inside from the right then left towards the maintenance room to find this Elite Guard.

Location 3: Override the Lockdown and head inside the control room to find this guard towards the wall.

Foundry Elite Guard

Location 1: Follow the monster with the Corpse and you will finally enter the doorway on the right where this Elite guard is.

Location 2: From the first Guard location head to the previous room to climb the platform and make your way to the upper level where you see this Elite Guard in the doorway.

Location 3: While following the conveyer do not enter the Main door, but head right to climb the crates and get inside the Maintenance room with the Elite guard.

Location 4: At the end of the mission look at the pile of crates with the Elite Guard nearby.

Argent Facility Elite Guard

Location 1: Head down towards the cave on the left to grab the guard after destroying all 3 Argent Filters.

Location 2: Once you reach the Rock ledges where you need to climb up, but you will head down and take this Guard.

Location 3: In Zone A, once you spot the Union Aerospace Tank head right towards the building to find this guard.

Location 4: At the end of the mission enter the A Building and head towards the boxes to find this guard.

Argent Energy Tower Elite Guard

Location 1: The Area where you see the severed pipeline, walk towards the building then drop down to find this guard on the lower platform.

Location 2: The Area with cargo containers, you must head upper level and jump on the right ledge then on the left where the Guard is near the HP station.

Location 3: Near the platform you will find the guard before the loading docks area.

Kandingir Sanctum Elite Guard

Location 1: Once you find the yellow skull head upstairs to open the Yellow door and inside you will have this Elite Guard.

Location 2: The area where you notice the floating platforms along with enemies, you must head inside the tunnel by following the trail and once you come outside the area you will have this Elite Guard waiting for you.

Location 3: Get past the bridge after the skull door and head towards the stairs to find this Guard.

Location 4: At the end of the mission where you need to head inside the building look for the rock on the left with the Elite Guard just before entering.

Argent Facility Destroyed Elite Guard

Location 1: Head towards the Tunnel after exiting from the Lab and grab the Elite Guard.

Location 2: Once you use the Airlock control head out and use the jump pad to reach the other platform where you see some containers with Elite Guard.

Location 3: After passing through the yellow gate head towards the overhead vent to find the Guard at the end.

Advanced Research Complex Elite Guard

Location 1: Just before you active the access control head towards the security office to find this Guard.

Location 2: Near the HP station, you will see the guard near the left side of the corridor.

Location 3: head right after activating the fan and in the next room you will find this guard.

Lazarus Labs Elite Guard

Location 1: Get inside the maintenance room in sector 5 and you will find the guard in the elevator.

Location 2: In the Depth of the Lazarus Facility near the circular room head down into the pit to find this guard.

Location 3: Once you activate the Energy Refractor, head towards the room then into the vent shaft to drop down in the lower are to find this guard in the adjacent room.

Location 4: Head up on the Cargo Door and use the console on the left to get access to the Guards token.

Titan’s Realm Elite Guard

Location 1: Head inside the small room after activating the skull switch(under the bridge) and grab the Tolen.

Location 2: In the same area where Slime drops HP head towards the end to find this guard.

The Necropolis Elite Guard

Location 1: Once you are done destroying both Barons of Hell you can access the gap in the middle and drop down to jump inside the cave to find one of the drops and Elite Guard.

Location 2: Near the Boss area you can grab the totem where you also find Spectres, Mancubi, and Baron of Hell.

VEGA Central Processing Elite Guard

Location 1: After using the air lock search for the debris in the right corner to see this Guard.

Location 2: Head inside the Storage room from Sector P and grab the totem.

Location 3: Head towards the Health Station first to grab this final totem on the Cargo lift before you head to take down the VEGA’s Neural Processors.