Doom 2016: Where to Find the Field Drones Location Guide

 Doom 2016: Where to Find the Field Drones Location Guide

In Doom 2016, there are various collectibles you can found in each Mission of the game. These includes Data Logs, Elite Guards Upgrades, Field Drones, Automaps and much more. This Doom Guide will show you the exact location for all the Field Drones in each chapter. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Field Drones Location.

Field Drones Location

Where to Find all the Field Drones

Field Drones in Doom 2016 are the UAC drones used to drop and deliver the ordered parts. Once you find them you can add mods to your weapons, but you can only find these in single player campaign. So let’s see what are the locations and how you can find them in the game.

The UAC Field Drones

Once you are done dealing with the Possessed demons head towards the left to drop down and continue forward for another drop down. Now look at the upper ledge to locate your first drone.

Resource Operations Field Drones

Once you head outside the elevator head straight the walkway to locate this drone.

Foundry Field Drones

This drone is very close and hard to miss, so head left from the main room then another left and walk towards the end to find the Drone at the corner.

Argent Facility Field Drones

Get inside the Cooling Tower and head towards the upper area to grab this Drone.

Argent Energy Tower Field Drones

Once you cross the short bridge you will see severed pipeline where you need to cross the walkway and make you way towards the control room where you have your Drone waiting.

Kadingir Sanctum Field Drones

Just before you head towards the Baron of Hell where you encounter few demons you can grab this Drone along with the Data Log.

Argent Facility Destroyed Field Drones

Drone 1: In the same area where you need to enter the building on the other side and grab the log, you will find this drone near the corridor on the left.

Drone 2: Once you activate the Crane Control, all you need to do is Jump across the container to find this drone on your right.

Drone 3: In the same area where you destroyed the Gore Nest.

Advanced Research Complex Field Drones

Once you turn off the second ventilation shaft, drop down into the shaft and grab this drone.

Lazarus Labs Field Drones

Head towards the second maintenance door from Sector 05 and find this drone.

Titan’s Realm Field Drones

After opening the second door(release Mancubus) and dealing with the demons you will find this drone at the corner.

The Necropolis Field Drones

Once you are done destroying both Barons of Hell you can access the gap in the middle and drop down to jump inside the cave to find this final drone.