Down to One: How to Use Snakes to your Advantage

Down to One is a survival shooter, interactive, open-world environment video-game. The player will face Forty-one players from the start and only one will survive. He will start out with nothing, and use anything you can find in the environment to survive, and eliminate other competitors over the course of a brutal round. This Down to One guide will show you how to Use Snakes to your Advantage.

How to Use Snakes to your Advantage

How to Use Snakes to your Advantage

Snakes are one of the most dangerous parts of Down To One which the player should stay away from. If you make any contact with snakes then it will hurt you and do a bit of damage, plus when you get bit your thirst goes down faster. They are spread all across the map and majorly on the Mountains. Check the Below Map where most of the snakes spawn.


Taking down the snakes is quite a risky option as it is very hard to and time-consuming. The best you can do is run away from the snake instead of throwing few punches on it. If you want to face it then try using the Pistol as it will take maximum 3 shots and the snake is down. Still we would recommend running away from the snake and they will follow for a while up to 65 meters.

To Use Snakes to Your Advantage is what we are going to teach you in this guide. Now that you know how they react and where snakes spawn, you must be ready to make your move quickly when you see any enemy around. For eg: if you hear a snakes start attacking, but it is not next to you, then that means there is someone nearby. Similarly, You are vulnerable to your enemy when you run away from snake which makes more noise and predictable.

If you are a camper, who like to go on the Ricky mountains and snipe few headshot then there is a risk, You can cause multiple snakes to aggro which is good for snakes until they are dead. Or you can apply the snake’s talents to your own play will make you very good at this game.

How to Act like Snakes

Think and act like a Snake in order to act like one. Snakes stay still until they spot a target, this helps the human eye to sense even a small amount of movement over a large area and immediately focus on it. Staying still will increase your chances of staying hidden if you have prey. Ultimately the best snakes in Down to One is the Dead one. Keep Playing and enjoy taking some headshots.