Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen PC How to Covert Save Games from Console Version

 Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen PC How to Covert Save Games from Console Version

If you played Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen on any of the Consoles such as Xbox 360 or PS3 then you can convert the save file into PC and continue your story. You need to download a third party tool which will unpack and repack the save games. This Guide will show you how to convert the save files.

How to Covert saves from Console Version

You can now unpack and repack the save games into XML files which will help you alter or edit the variables within them and then play the same game in the PC version. This is not an official converting of the save game, so do not blame if anything goes wrong. So without any further ado, let’s start the converting.

Note: Take Backup of the save games and the Files before altering.

How to Alter the Save Game

Download the software Tool DDsavetool (http://www.tzarsectus.com/tools/DDsavetool.rar). If you want the Sourcecode then you will find it here. This Tool will work as a command line program so here is what you need do in order to start the converting.

  • To unpack the save to XML which you can edit in any text editor.
    • Type: ddsavetool -u DDDA.sav
  • To repack the save back to its normal format, so you can copy it back to the game.
    • Type: ddsavetool -r DDDA.sav.txt
  • To convert a console save to PC.
    • Type: ddsavetool -c DD_Savedata DDDA.sav
  • To reset some online pawn data in your save.
    • Type: ddsavetool -reset DDDA.sav

In order to find your Save game here is the location – \\Steam\userdata\[steamuserid]\367500\remote\DDDA.sav

How to Covert the Save game from Consoles

Step 1:

Copy your save game from PS3 or Xbox 360 onto a USB stick and copy it to PC.

Step 2:

For PS3 use ‘Brute Force’ program to decrypt the save file

For Xbox 360 use ‘Usb Xtaf Gui’ to get the save file in custom USB file format and then get the DD_SAVEDATA_01 container file with the help of ‘wxPirs’.

Step 3:

Copy any PC save file(backup)

Step 4:

Open Command Prompt and for Xbox users type ‘DDsavetool -c DD_Savedata DDDA.sav’ to convert it and for PS3 users type ‘Data0.dat instead of DD_Savedata’.

Step 5:

Then replace the new file with the old file in the save game location.

Step 6:

Start the game and Enjoy.

If you have any issues then run the game in offline mode then release the pawns and then go online. De-equip all equipment from your character and pawn on PS3 or Xbox 360 before converting your save to PC.