Dying Light: The Following – David and Goliath Easter Egg Location Guide

 Dying Light: The Following – David and Goliath Easter Egg Location Guide

Dying Light: The Following is one awesome survival video game where the player experiences the all new improved visuals, major gameplay enhancements, and the deadly zombies. With the Improved Visuals, there are also Easter Eggs included in this Standalone DLC. This Easter Egg Location for Dying Light: The Following Guide will show you how to reach and find the David and Goliath Easter Egg in the Countryside Map.

David and Goliath Easter Egg Location

As we said this DLC is a massive expansion to Dying Light so you are free to explore all the new mechanics and vast Map called Countryside. We will be sharing you the locations to one of the Easter Eggs in Dying Light: The Following.

Where to Find the David and Goliath Easter Egg

David and Goliath is a Story from the Bible, there were plenty of animated films and books release since the 1960s. So to Locate them in Dying Light: The Following you must travel to an island which is very close to the bottom of the map and approx 500m from Atilla’s House. Here is the exact location on the Map where you need to head.


As you reach near the marked location, you’ll find an island. As you get close to the Island a new Red Health Bar will appear on the top of the screen which will be named as Goliath or David(random). Go Ahead and get to Island. Here is how it look when you are about to reach the Island.


The Island is pretty small and you will encounter two Zombies which are but obviously David and Goliath. Goliath shorter guy and the Hefty beast is David. Go ahead finish them off and then loot their bodies which have a decent reward. You will get a bag with a paint job for your Buggy. Thus Concluding the Easter Eggs Guide and do check our other Dying Light: The Following Guides.