Dying Light: The Following DLC Walkthrough Part 1 – The Way out, Kaan and Able

Dying Light The Following is a Standalone expansion of the successful open-world survival horror video-game Dying Light. The new game mechanics, twice the map size, improved features for parkour movements and the untold chapter of Kyle Crane’s story. Let’s Explore the new areas and learn how to survive the zombie virus in this Walkthrough Part 1 of the DLC – The Following.

The Following DLC Walkthrough Part 1

The Way out

As you start the game you will again take control of Kyle Crane a Protagonist who stays in the infected-filled quarantined city of Harran. During the cutscene, you are handed over with a new map to look out for the cure to this deadly zombie virus. You are also made aware of a group of people who live there and you can tag along with them to know more about the cure. Your Task is to escape Harran and investigate the new area and know everything you can.


Find a Way out of the Sewers

Now that you have got the controls you will find yourself in sewers. Go Head(after you are done exploring the area) jump down, keep walking and then again jump into the green waste water to go to the other side. If you have played the Dying Light then you must be familiar with the controls, but if not then go to your control settings and do have a look at it.


Now that you are out of the water you need to climb high to get to the peek and look for the way out of the cave. As you progress you will notice few rituals signs on the Wall if yes then you are heading the right way. Once you are out of the cave, this mean you have successfully made it through the other side, but as Lena Informs the guy who gave you the information is dead and you are now all on your own. So start jumping and Climbing on the mountains and Later take the leap of Faith into the Lake.


Find Someone who knows more about the Rumor

Once you get out of the Lake you are assigned a new task to find someone who can help you out in this lone city. See the Marker on you Map the Safezone that’s where you need to head, but make sure you interact a little less with the zombies. If you do kill some then kindly rob them by searching their bodies. Now Head straight out the Safezone which has a number of entry points.


Try to learn More about who Don’t Run

You will meet Eylem, who pretty not much happy looking us Alive, but anyways he will ask you to talk to Jasir as nobody is going to talk to you straight. Enter the Barn and talk to Jasir, who will also reject your proposal to share knowledge. This mean you need to find someone who really does want to help you. Head outside the barn and looks to your left.


Find someone willing to tell you something

Kaan is the guy who will try to help you out only if you are ready to complete his favor. He is also the father of the unknown person(Kurt) who gave you the map at the beginning and died. Now Kaan wants you to get a vehicle for him and he will help you out with his knowledge.


Look for a Vehicle at the nearest Farm

Now that Kaan has agreed to make you his driving partner you need to find a vehicle for him. Check your map the farm is marked on it. Now the real game begins, the farm is full of Human enemies so we recommend to kill the humans first and then take the car to escape. We are avoiding to get it done faster as we need some weapons to help us survive in this very Zombieland.


Take the Car

Now that you have got inside the neighbor’s farm you can activate your Survivor Sense to locate the Human enemies around you. Use your best combat skills to take them down and then investigate each and every part of it to grab the medkit, weapons and so on. Finally, once you have taken down every enemy lets’s take the car and roll.


Drive back to Kaan

Yes Go Drive back the buggy to Kaan, but wait what the buggy needs fuel. You take the path so that you can find few cars to take their fuel. Avoid going off road otherwise, you will need to run on foot and get the fuel. So find the abandoned vehicles around and then refill your buggy. Once you get back to the Farm go Speak to Kaan.


Hint: Use the Map to know the exact spot of delivery

Report your Success to Kaan

Get inside Kaan’s caravan and what you see is Ezgi(Jasir’s Daughter), waiting for you. She will inform you that Kaan has finally left the farm. She will ask you a favor as well. Ahh! these new cultist groups ask so much for survival. Thus, We End the First part of the Following DLC walkthrough and check out the what was Ezgi’s favor in the second Part of Dying Light The Following Walkthrough Part 2.