Dying Light: The Following DLC – Walkthrough Part 11 – The Great Train Robbery and Radio Boy

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After Disclosing the reality of the Town’s screamers to Bilal in Walkthrough Part 10, it’s time to continue with our hunt. We soon get contacted by a kid who fell into a hole somewhere and you need to help him. Let’s check out how we can locate the lost kid along with Tolga and Fatin in Dying Light: The Following.

The Great Train Robbery and Radio Boy

The Great Train Robbery

The Side Quest can be completed as per your wish and mood. So coming back to Tolga and Fatin who have again resurfaced themselves into trouble. So let’s check them out and Help them.


Get to the Rail bridge

Now that Tolga and Fatin had informed over the radio about the mess they just got into, then let’s just help them out and head straight towards a marked location which is the Rail Bridge.


Secure the Bridge Area

Once you get near the Rail Bridge, you will have four marked location which you need to clear out first and then get to the twins. Take Down the Bandits as per your skills, but we can recommend using Crossbow as it helps to get a perfect aim and direct head shots.


Find the Brother’s Hideout and Talk to Them

Walk towards the Yellow Marked area and start searching for them. The are in the second block of the Train and once you get them go and Talk to them. They have already updated your tracking device remotely so once you are done talking go ahead and Get inside call for your Buggy.


Radio Boy

In this side quest, you had a word with the kid who asked you to help him out as they had fall down into some hole somewhere. So let check this out and see what this mission really take us. Make sure you have your arms loaded and Medikit as well.


Get to the Shipping company warehouse

Head towards the marked location and get inside the warehouse area from the main entrance then get towards the back and Start climbing the Warehouse to get inside via Hole in the Roof.


Find the Boys in the warehouse

The Connection with the boys supposed to have broken so you need to look for them in the warehouse. Loot the Area and do not leave anything.Open the Door and get pass through the next section. Continue searching and you will encounter a scarecrow with a Toy Sword. Suddenly the Kids will start chanting about the Big guy and Here comes the Beast.


Kill the Demolisher

The Beast has entered the warehouse and he will destroy you anyway. The only thing you do is stop the random firing him on his body and focus on his HEAD. That’s the key to taking him down easily.If you have a shotgun then four perfect headshots and you are done.


Find the Boys

Once you Kill him to the other side and investigate the dead bodies and inform Bilal about it. Once you Gain the Rank of Believer, you are again noticed by the Acolyte and Faceless. They will assign you the next task and you can focus on finding the kids in the room next to the dead bodies. Go up and you will discover how these small kids goofed up people and looted them. Thus Finishing our Walkthrough Part 10 and continue with the next part Walkthrough part 11 – Anomalies.