Dying Light: The Following DLC – Walkthrough Part 12 – Anomalies

 Dying Light: The Following DLC – Walkthrough Part 12 – Anomalies

In Dying Light, The Following, once you get to the Rank of Believer Acolyte will again contact you and update you that you have become one of them so you are ready to continue with the Main Quest. Anomalies in Dying Light The Following is another Story quest where you need to investigate the two bridges by the bay. Let’s check out how to complete the investigation.

Walkthrough Part 12 - Anomalies


One of the Faceless Contact us to check out the strange phenomenon by the bay and see what’s going wrong with the people nearby. Also, you need to complete the mission as soon as you can. If you are on a mission right now finish it and directly switch to this one.


Investigate the Strange Phenomenon

Let’s head to the Marked location that is the farms where some uncertain activity is going on. Now that you have progressed the game so far so you need to be ready to take on any situation. Equip yourself with good guns and ammo. Start search the big marked yellow farm.


Inspect the Field Covered by Fog

As you reach the farm and start searching for the strange activity you see a Big Giant Monster wal=iting for you in the fog so don’t go close to him, try to go backward, investigate the wrecked car and inform the Faceless about the same.


Head to Jasir’s Farm

One of Faceless Asks us to meet them at Jasir’s farm and get ready. Once you reach Jasir’s farm, enter the Barn and go talk to the Faceless. Faceless will inform you that the cure is yet not ready for the disease, but if you find the temporary solution which is the elixir that you can also have a part of it and return to Harran if we want to.


Get To the Cave and Search the Cave

As per the Faceless, there were three of their men who are not in contact so you must find what’s happening in the Cave and find more Elixer for the Mother to now how to make the temporary cure. Head to the Marked Location, and Start investigating it. You can see the Map to know where to head in the cave. Head straight, Jump to the next area and continue searching.


One you reach certain distance you will see Military cars and a Radio which are broadcasting an msg and calling for backup. Move forward and you will see two of the Faceless’s dead body. Head straight the Military Convoy.


Investigate the Military Convoy

Loot the Area and then head inside the Military Truck to see and investigate the goods. You will know that there no good left and you will inform this to the Faceless. You will also warn them about the Bandits and the Rais’s Thugs who were also after the goods. Thus concluding the Mission and the Walkthrough part 12. let’s Continue with the Walkthrough Part 13 – Vanitas and Find Atilla Inside The Mansion.