Dying Light: The Following DLC – Walkthrough Part 2 – Gaining Credence, Polluted Water, Sacred Mother

 Dying Light: The Following DLC – Walkthrough Part 2 – Gaining Credence, Polluted Water, Sacred Mother

After Completing Walkthrough Part 1 – The Way Out, now we have to gain Ezgi’s and the locals trust to stay here otherwise we will be banished just like Kaan was. Seem like these guys are facing some polluted water issue so let’s just check out how we can fix this and gain the trust of these locals in Walkthrough Part 2 – Gaining Credence.

Walkthrough Part 2 - Gaining Credence, Polluted Water, Sacred Mother

Drive to the Pumping Station

After Haveing word with Ezgi, it’s time to show her how strong we are by fixing the local’s issue. Drive the buggy you bought from Kaan in the previous mission and let’s drive it to the marked location which is the Pumping Station. Again we will recommend you to drive on the path so that you keep gathering the fuel time and again and don’t run out when you needed the most.


Once you get near the Marked area, there will be zombies waiting for you and one of the Bandits will ask you to enter from the other side. So take your Buggy or simply run towards the left and then take right to check out the ladder. If you are confused with the way then watch you Map to look at the new marked location.


Speak with the Bandit Leader

Now that you have entered the Bandits Territory you must speak with the Leader to know about the cause. Tarken is the Leader of Bandits standing on the Bridge and he sells Crytal Clear Water, but the deal doesn’t go well so you need to defeat him and the others.


Defeat the Bandits

When are your weapons come to use huh? Even if you have a Pistol then Jump into the Red Tank, then climb it again via the ladder and then jump outside. Now you can Aim at these rusty Bandits and take then down with ease. Make sure you also collect their weapons and ammo. Try taking headshots as they can kill faster than body shots.


Find out Who was Screaming and Kill the Armored Bandit

Now that you have taken out all the bandits check out the marker and see who was screaming all along. As you head down in the Room stay calm and walk slowly towards the door as a Big Armored bandit will be coming out for you. Only headshot can take him away so go ahead and let’s show him your skills.


Free the Hostage and Help Ali to Get the Water back

After Talking to Ali, he will inform you that he was the only one left and rest were thrown to that beast. He will try to redirect the water to the farm, but unfortunately, the bandits had blocked it. This caused into the pipeline burst and thus, he will ask you to fix the valve.


Drive along the Pipeline to main Valve

Now this is a Time-based mission so hurry otherwise all the water will be wasted along with Ali. You have 3 minutes to complete this mission. Take it easy the time is enough for you so don’t let the stress pile you up. Drive it to the Marked pipeline area.


Open the Valve and Leave the Basement

Reached Safely? Well, let’s open the valve then, head into the Marked area and then climb down to the basement and fix it. Do not rush it’s pretty simple. After fixing simply leave the basement the same way you entered. Ali will ask you to head back to the Farm and talk to Jasir but before that loot the Basement it has a lot for you.


Speak With Jasir and Follow Him

Get your Buggy and head back. Drive safe as it is about to be night time. Now that you are back to Farm go ahead and speak with Jasir. He will thank you for all that you’ve done for him and also ready to and all your questions just follow him. He will Tell you about the Sacred Mother they worship and there is no need to Antenzin to clear their disease. As you agreed to do anything to know this Mother we come to an end of Walkthrough part 2 and the beginning of a new chapter Walkthrough Part 3 – The Mechanic.