Dying Light: The Following DLC – Walkthrough Part 4 – Down the Rabbit Hole, Lazarus and Run Bolter Run and Missing Person

We have now agreed to Help the Locals and increase our Rank within them. For now, we are a Stranger, but as and when we start completing the quest and helping them we will increase our rank and gain trust which will indirectly get noticed by the Faceless. This is the best chance to meet The Mother and knows how to cure your people of Harran. Let’s Check out different side quest from Jasir’s Bill Board in this Walkthrough Part 4.

Down the Rabbit Hole, Lazarus and Run Bolter Run and Missing Person

Down the Rabbit Hole

This is the very high difficulty mission, so read the Objective and the Notice very well before making any move. In this Side Quest, the Faceless has warned Jasir about the new Volatile Hive which can be found near Old Gloomy Ridge. So Let’s just check out how Volatile is this Hive and show him your power.


Destroy the Volatile Hive

Start Moving towards the Marked checkpoint and investigate. Take your Buggy and if you damage one of your buggy parts then first search for which part is damage and then take the components for the abandoned vehicles to replace it. Now head to the marked area and keep moving inside the cave which is the Hive’s nest.


As you make your first jump you will encounter a group of zombies which can be easily taken down. Kill and loot them all. Then jump down into the water and swim to get the other side of the nest. If you think you are lost then just have a look at the Map to know if you are on the right track.


Search for Remaining Hives

After Climbing to the Top, you will notice the hives with the radar which show how you can be spotted and where they are looking currently. Switch off your Flashlight and jump to the other side, simply climb up when the radar is not pointing at you then take left or right and keep moving towards the red light. Here you need to be calm, and your moves totally depend on the hive’s radar. If you are being noticed then you will see an eye notification for the Hive os be careful and get across.

Hint: These Hives can’t Swim so use that while been haunted.


Leaving the Dark Area

Every time you kill the hive, use the camouflage first which can protect you for like 10-15 seconds. Then use the map and the flashlight(sometimes) to know the root. You need to jump down on the rock to make your exit. Go Run towards the exit, but make sure you have destroyed all the hives inside the nest.


Run Bolter Run

In this Quest, you need to Bring the Bolter’s Livers back to Jasir as he explains how it is useful for the safety of their people. Bolters can be found in the fields on during the day and in order to kill them, you must drive the buggy over him and grab his Liver. He will he highlighted with a blue mark on the Map so whenever you encounter him you know what to do.


Bring Bolter to Jasir

If you have trouble finding Bolters then open the Map and look for Bolter Feeding ground there they spawn. These Bolter enemies are really fast so just make sure you aim at him correctly and squash him. Once you get one Bolter’s Liver search his body and get the liver back to Jasir. He will ask you to put that liver on the barrel behind the barn.


Talk To Jasir

Now that you have successfully completed his task it’s time to get some good news, but instead, what we get is to get more of them and put that in the barrel. Thus Finishing the quest and moving on to the next.



In This Quest, you need to first talk to Ezgi and know more details about it. After talking to her go to the barn and talk to Polat to get more details on how to get the entrance. Go east of the main entrance, follow the wall and you will find a Hole at the High wall, so use it to sneak in.


Avenge Ercan’s Family

As you reach the marked zone you can find the hole to get in, but be careful from getting detected by the zombies and the Bandits. Jump on the Pipeline and get inside the Safe Zone(at least from zombies), then continue taking down the Bandits.


Make Sure there are no Bandits Left Alive and Check out the Noice Source

Since this is an avenge for Ercan’s Family, take all that you have and kill them all. Once you have killed every Bandit in the Farm it’s time to head inside the Blue House and investigate where the noise is coming from. Open the Basement and again you will find a source to get down and Ercan is waiting for you.


Tell Ezgi that Ercan’s Alive

Yes, Ercan’s alive and he must be brought to meet his daughter. Go back to the farm and tell Ezgi about the same. Once you inform her she will act a little wired, but the good thing has we finished the mission successfully and along with this Walkthrough, check out what happens next in the Walkthrough Part 5 – Power To The People and Buggy Grail.