Dying Light: The Following DLC – Walkthrough Part 7 – Going Postal, Faceless Trust Gained

 Dying Light: The Following DLC – Walkthrough Part 7 – Going Postal, Faceless Trust Gained

Now that Faceless has asked us to continue helping the locals and they will make sure you can meet the Mother so it’s time for complete the remaining Side quest and gain the Locals trust. This Walkthrough guide will show you how to complete the mission and gain the trust of the locals.

Walkthrough Part 7 - Going Postal, Faceless Trust Gained

A Strange Request

Once you have the word with Faceless then look at the Table of Jasir and you will find you next quest which is an indirect request from the Faceless. Here a boy always draws a picture to get his package back to him from the Postman. So let’s see how far we can give our best to make the child happy.


Get to the Post Office

Now its time to test your skills, take your buggy and head over to the marked location to get inside the Office. You need to climb the office building in order to get inside. Be extra careful there are a bunch of zombies you need to handle so make sure you are ready. Climb to the Roof and this is the safest entry we can suggest or else you can try to pick locking the door and try your luck.


Turn off the Alarm

Once you get inside the building an automatic alarm will trigger which you need to turn off within 1 min, so take right and again right to get inside the manager’s cabin(where you see a dead body hanging) and the Alarm is right next to the Door. Once you turn it off its time to investigate the office.


Open the Mailroom and Look for the Kid’s package

Take everything from each and every room. use your senses to explore the area and Do not leave anything behind. There are a couple of zombies inside the building so take care of them, please. Again a gentle reminder to search for everything you can including the waste bin.


Find Information about Mail Van’s Location and Locate Them

Get down and you will see a Map of the delivery route for both the vans. You can track them easily. The first one is just outside the building which has three letters to be given to our fellow locals and then head towards the highway to track the second Van.


Once you reach the Highway you need to careful as the area is full of Zombies and the Beast who will knock you down in a single blow. Another zombie who throws some shit bomb that explodes and is very dangerous. Clear them all to expect the beast and then take the package.


Take the package to Jasir

The Package is now safe and you should head back to the farm and meet Jasir. He will thank you for all the efforts you put to make a child happy. Also, Deliver the letters to the fellow locals. Now you will hear a strange voice which will be from the Faceless and they invited you to meet them. Thus Concluding the Part 6 and let’s begin with the Next Main Story Quest Walkthrough Part 8 – The Gathering.