Dying Light: The Following DLC Where to find the Flame Stabber Blueprints Location Guide

Dying Light is an open-world first-person survival horror video game and the Following DLC edition will take you to a whole new level. The Player will experience the improved visuals, major gameplay enhancements, and needs collect all the items such as notes, voicemails, Battle Journals, Blueprints and many more in order to survive. This Guide will show you all the locations for Flame Stabber Blueprints across the Dying Light: The Following DLC Map.

Where to find the Flame Stabber Blueprints

While you were haunted by a bunch of zombies it is very difficult to escape or handle them all at a time, but if you manage to use a Flame Stabber with your knives then you can have fun watching them getting burned. There are chances when you can go out of ammo so here is where you will find the blueprints for Flame Stabber and Upgrade then with your Knifes.

Where to find the Flame Stabber

The Location is quite simple, it can be found on the Watchtower which is just next to the road near Jasir’s Farm where you Start your DLC. You need to picklock the chest in order to obtain those blueprints. You will also find a Fabulous Crowbar inside the chest.

dying-light-flame-stabber-blueprint-1.jpg dying-light-flame-stabber-blueprint-2.jpg dying-light-flame-stabber-blueprint-3.jpg

Once you have the Blueprint you are all set to upgrade your weapons. This upgrade is only available for Short and Long Knifes. You need few more items in order to craft a proper Flame Stabber. Here is the list of Items given below. Obtain them and then rule the zombies.

  • Metal Parts x1
  • Gauze x2
  • Household Supplies x2
  • Aerosol x1
  • Duct Tape x1