Dying Light: The Following DLC Where to find the Nailer Blueprints Location Guide

Dying Light The Following DLC has various collectibles which include notes, voicemails, Battle Journals, Blueprints and the player must collect these items in order to survive from the parkour-fueled zombies. This Guide will show you all the locations for Nailer Blueprints across the Dying Light: The Following DLC Map.

Where to find the Nailer Blueprints

Upgrade your weapons by crafting these new patches. Finding the nailer blueprint will help you upgrade your Baseball bat’s damage count and caused the zombies to bleed faster. So let’s get started with the Nailer Blueprint Hunt in Dying Light: The Following DLC.

Where to find the Nailer Blueprints

Head North-west of Jasir’s farm nad you will come across a barn which is north of the lake. Just where you found Stiff Stick Blueprint. Now here is the tricky part you need to head inside the yarn from the second store window. Check the image below to know where to get inside.

dying-light-nailer-blueprint-1.jpg dying-light-nailer-blueprint-2.jpg dying-light-nailer-blueprint-3.jpg dying-light-nailer-blueprint-4.jpg

Once inside the yarn, head towards the drawer and grab your blueprint from there. In order to upgrade your Blueprint to the weapon, you need a baseball bat. For crafting, you need the following items.

  • Herb x4
  • Blade x2
  • Gauze x1
  • String x1
  • Nails x1

Thus concluding our location guide. Do check our other Blueprint location and let finished up the zombies.