Dying Light: The Following DLC Where to find the Stiff Stick Blueprints Location Guide

In this Dying Light The Following DLC there are new improved visuals, major gameplay enhancements, and not to forget the parkour-fueled zombies. The Players You need to collect items such as notes, voicemails, Battle Journals, Blueprints and many more to survive. This Guide will show you all the locations for Stiff Stick Blueprints across the Dying Light: The Following DLC Map.

Where to find the Stiff Stick Blueprints

While using your weapons you can now add up with some mods which will come in handy. The Stiff Stick can add a freezing effect to your weapons. You need to find the Blueprints and the items necessary for crafting to upgrade your weapons.

Where to find the Stiff Stick

Head North-west of Jasir’s farm nad you will come across a barn which is north of the lake. Head inside the Building and you will find the blueprint on the desk, grab it and start crafting to upgrade your weapon. Check the image below to know the exact location of the blueprint.

dying-light-stiff-stick-blueprint-1.jpg dying-light-stiff-stick-blueprint-2.jpg dying-light-stiff-stick-blueprint-3.jpg dying-light-stiff-stick-blueprint-4.jpg

The Weapons which can be upgraded with this crafting are Baseball and Crowbar. The Items you need for crafting are given below. So go ahead craft, upgrade your weapon and own those zombies. Also Do check out our other blueprints guide as well.

  • Metal Part x1
  • String x1
  • Fluorescent Shrooms x3