Dying Light: The Following Guide On Where And How To Get Fuel For Silas Buggies

The biggest new thing The Following expansion pack introduces to Dying Light is Silas Buggy, a type of vehicle you will need in order to come across the great lands added to the map. One thing you need to know is those buggies need fuel. We’re here to tell you where you can grab that fuel, so read along…

Dying Light: The Following

There are a few gas stations but the best way to get fuel is to syphon it out of abandoned cars. You’ll find lots of them along the roads in the countryside, and looting is easy.

You just need to approach the fuel tank cap and press the Search button. One syphoning equals one unit of fuel, which you’ll have to manually pour into your buggy.

The car has a limited capacity, but you’ll be able to carry around the extra gasoline in your inventory.