Dying Light: The Following – Where to find all the Charms Location Guide


Dying Light: The Following is one big survival video game where the player will experience newly improved visuals, major gameplay enhancements, and the deadly zombies. You will also drive a buggy vehicle which can be upgraded with the help of the mechanic Bilal. This guide will show you the exact location for every charm in Dying Light: The Following.

Where to find all the Charms Location Guide

Where to find all the Charms Location

There are total 5 Charms in the game map where you need to hunt all the five and modify it with the Buggy’s appearance. Charms will help you with additional paint jobs for your Buggy. Also, Check out all the location for Bubblehead. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the location for all the six bobbleheads in Dying Light: The Following.

Bullet Charm

Location – Near the Seller where you recall the Buggy(Jasir’s Farm)

dying-light-the-following-charms-bullet-1.jpg dying-light-the-following-charms-bullet-2.jpg

Skull mace Charm

Location – Climb down from Bilal’s Shop and this in inside one of the Building

dying-light-the-following-charms-skull-mace-1.jpg dying-light-the-following-charms-skull-mace-2.jpg

Zombie Skull Charm

Location – On the Highway inside one of the bus

dying-light-the-following-charms-zombie-1.jpg dying-light-the-following-charms-zombie-2.jpg

Ezgi’s Mascot Charm

Location – Near the Rail Bridge(where you helped the Twins), get inside the container to find this.

dying-light-the-following-charms-ezgi-mascot-1.jpg dying-light-the-following-charms-ezgi-mascot-2.jpg

Cassettes Charm

Location – Inside the White car check the Marked Location

dying-light-the-following-charms-cassettes-1.jpg dying-light-the-following-charms-cassettes-2.jpg