EA Sports UFC 2: How to Earn More Coins Tips Guide

EA Sports UFC 2 is a mixed martial art fighting video game and is now available at the stores. Tons of new features have been added to this series, from Knockout system to different submissions during the Match. This UFC 2 Guide will show you how to earn more Coins in the game with ease.

Earn More Coins

Players earn Coins as a reward for every match he fights. These coins can be used to upgrade your player and customize the fighters. This Coins also acts like the in-game currency where you use it to buy Fight Packs from the Store and collect items to improve your Team.

How to earn more Coins

There are Different ways you can farm coins in the game and the easiest way to completing the Fights in UFC Ultimate Team which can be either Online or Offline Championship or try completing the daily objectives from the Team Main Menu. Did you know the Pack Rewards that you earn during the Fights can be sold? Yes, you can sell them off, all off them if you really want money to upgrade something. Here are the Three Main Tips for you to Farm the Money:

Best Winner Coinage:

All you need to do is win the long fights against your competitive opponent(war-type fights). Manage to Win this Fight and get Coin Bonuses at the End.

The Short Fight:

If you are Pro with the combos then try to KO your Opponent within 13 seconds and simply watch how the coins showers at you once you win the championship.

Creating Team Roster:

Earn some more coins to creating a full roster of your Ultimate Team Fighter, these team will face off against other fighters from around the world. Check this Video Below to know more about the Coin Farming.