How To Discover Important Items Through Eagle Vision In Assassin’s Creed Origins

Crimson Dragon

Assassin’s Creed Origins has an Eagle vision that can help you to survey the area, locate targets and plan your next steps to infiltrate enemy forts. This Eagle vision can help you to do more. You can spot valuable items through the same, but the process is slow yet effective. Through the Eagle visio, you can mark down the valuable items that can be later used for crafting. These can be used for upgrading your weapons, or armor. In this guid, you can find how to use the eagle Senu to spot valuable items.

Eagle Vision Tips

Locate Valuable Items Using Eagle Vision

When you enter into the eagle vision mode, you are able to see a larger area. Slowly when you scout you are able to find enemies along with their levels. It is better to locate items when you are not playing any quest. Do this when you have ample of time and you are only interesting in finding items.

Senu Eagle Vision Item

once you enter the Eagle vision follow the marker, the one that you can see in the above image. Scout slowly so that you can point towards the exact location to find an item for crafting. As you move towards the cursor direction, the same will turn into a circle and it will reflect the icon of item in the center. This indicates that exact location has a valuable item to collect. There are various locations in Assassins Creed Origins where you can find a variety of items. Use this method to slowly examine the location first and then you can move forward.

What Are The Other Locations For Items?

The most common place where you can find items is in chests with loot. You can spot them easily around. You can look into Papyruses and even in transport with materials. Look for prisoners, in their cell, you can find something or you can also get from them. Killing the fort commanders and captains will also help you to get some valuables. If you are travelling towards desert or mountains look for caves.

How Crafting Can Benefit In Armor Upgrade?

Gathering these valuable items will contribute a lot in upgrading your character level. You will not just progress with the levels, you will have to play the quest, but for easier win upgrading your gears will be quiet helpful. Powerful gears will give you the edge over enemies, you can cause high damage and kill them fast. Bayek’s armor has around 6 items that can enhance his capabilities. They are listed below.

  • Bracers: Upgrade this to boost melee attack range.
  • Breastplate: Upgrade this for boosting the health.
  • Hidden Blade: Upgrade this for increasing the weapons blade damage.
  • Quiver: Upgrade this for increasing the arrow storage capacity of armor.
  • Stabilizer: Upgrade this to increase your attack damage.
  • Tool Pouch: Upgrade this to increase the capacity of darts and bombs.

Ways To Find Crafting Items Easily?

There are many ways when you are heading to find crafting items. Like Hunting is one of the ways through which you can find hard and soft leather. You can also get pelts. You can find animals in various locations, sometime in enemy’s tent. You can kill animals like hyenas, goats, or lions. Hyenas and goats usually drop soft leather. Crocodiles are the best one for hard leather. While pelts can be found by killing lions.

Another way to find items like wood, the iron, bronze, etc is by dismantling old weapons in your inventory. You will find many weapons in the game, and if you are no longer using it, then you can simply dismantle the same and obtain minerals from it. You will also find Transports. They are located with wood, iron, and bronze. You have to find the goods carrying chariots, you can attack them and loot the cargo. Finally, if you want to save your time, then you can buy Materials Skills from the Seer Skill Tree. It will help you to purchase crafting supplies from Blacksmith and Tailors.

So these are the way by which you can find various items and use them in the game. For more tips on the game, you can read our Assassin’s Creed Origins Wiki Guide.