Easiest Way To Defeat The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Noonwraith Monster

 Easiest Way To Defeat The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Noonwraith Monster

Geralt’s journey through The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt isn’t easy at all, so you might need a hand to try and beat some of the beasts you will face on your road to the end of the game. One of those is the Noonwraith: you will meet her while on the Devil By The Well contract, a side quest you will embark on after hearing about a ghost on a notice board. Here is how to beat her.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Noonwraith Guide

Being pretty fast, the Noonwraith is able to avoid every simple attack you move, but don’t worry: if you are Level 2+, you can do it rather easy. Entering the Abandoned Village, the Noonwraith will appear; if it doesn’t Geralt will make a comment letting you know that it shows up only at a specific time. She will begin her assault once the player gets close to the well in the center of the area.

All you need is Yrden, a silver sword, and the ability to dodge timely. Cast Yrden and once the Noonwraith enters the circle, unleash some quick attack and then get out of harms way. Repeat this process until the Noonwraith disappears.

Geralt then informs the player he has to discover what’s keeping this spirit bound to the world. Search the surrounding houses and the remains in the well. You will be prompted to jump into the well in order to obtain the relic that is keeping the Noonwraith’s soul trapped in the mortal realm. Dive down, pick it up, then return to the Abandoned Village. The Noonwraith will once again appear, ready to pounce on Geralt and finish this.

Geralt will fight the Noonwraith in the exact same manner he did before it vanished the first time. The game will provide players with a bestiary entry that lists more weaknesses for the Noonwraith, but they require specific crafting recipes and ingredients. While the tips are helpful, they are completely unnecessary since the battle isn’t demanding.

After a few castings of Yrden and some well placed silver-sword attacks, Geralt will claim victory over yet another The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt foe.