Easter Eggs And Secrets – Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Deus Ex Mankind Divided features various Easter Eggs and references to the Past and the Future during 2029. We have gathered a list of all the Easter Eggs we have encountered so far in the game. If you have something to share then do let us know in the comments below. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Easter Eggs and Secret References in Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

Easter Eggs And Secrets

Easter Eggs And Secrets

Logo to Original Deus Ex

A clear References to the original Deus Ex Logo can be found inside the Palisade Bank. Go to the Executive Service Room and check the Desk with the Mousepad which shows the Logo. Check the Image below. You can encounter this Mousepad at several locations.

Game References

Square Unix has a bleak in the future with references to the popular games like Hitman, Tomb Raider, and Soul Reaver can be seen in Prague’s one of the Antique Shop(Antike). Go to the basement and Have a Good search to find all these references. At the edge of the Basement there are two Boxes which can be moved and see underneath the Container to find a Reference to the previous title – Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

deus-ex-md-easter-egg-game-ref-1.jpg deus-ex-md-easter-egg-game-ref-2.jpg deus-ex-md-easter-egg-game-ref-3.jpg deus-ex-md-easter-egg-game-ref-4.jpg

Blade Runner Easter Egg

You would be familiar with Blade Runner? Players who’ve bought the Deus Ex Mankind Divided will have a link to the OST sampler. Inside Adam’s Apartment in Prague make sure you listen to hear a faint voice with a lot of reverb. This voice is nothing but a reference to Rachael from Blade Runner, saying “Do you like our owl?”.

Sega Easter Eggs

Sega’s humor reference is all over the internet and is famous for the Title ‘& Knuckles’ to the end of the game. The same Reference – ‘Knuckles & Knuckles & Knuckles’ can be seen as in the game on the shelves of the Tech Noir Shop.

Portal Weighted Cube

Another Reference can be found in the Antiky Shop’s basement which is none other than the Companion Cube from Portal. We imagine the Weighted Companion Cube is a recurring object and pseudo-character in the Portal universe which now landed inside the Antique shop in 2029.

Fallout References

The Antiky Shop’s Basement is full of reference to video games. When you get inside the basement, on your left you see 3 huge dead Cockroaches which is none other than a reference to Fallout series as you encounter the Radroaches in the wasteland.

Faridah Malik Reference

Faridah Malik was the Pilot from Human Revolution and during mission 6, you need to interact with the Box of Cereal to find out that she is still alive. Make sure you don’t miss it.

WatchDog Reference

While at TF29’s Office you need to head inside the Vincent Black’s office and check the Coat and the Hat which is a reference to WatchDogs main character Aiden Pearce.

Doge Meme

Look for the Music Box Shop in Prague and once you get inside the shop, look for a Vinyl record with the Doge meme on the front.

AMD Easter Egg

Inside TF29’s office check the office near the stairs(Peter Chang). A person would be working on the computer where you need to zoom on the Orange Box to see the AMD powered.

Code ‘0451’ Achievement Easter Egg

In the original game, Deus Ex fans will already know the code, 0451 used to unlock an armory on Liberty Island. Since then, it’s gone on to feature in a number of iconic titles, becoming something of an in-joke between various developers in the games industry. It is a reference to the book Fahrenheit 451 where the code for the first door in System Shock was 451, a System Shock 2 door had 45100 as a code, and Bioshock had a room that required the code 0451 to enter.

Code 0451 Achievement

The Golden Rookery

There is an achievement only triggered by placing a golden ‘Penguin Prince’ statue back on a red velvet throne. Carry the bird through a number of ventilation shafts after randomly finding it in the open world, making sure to never leave it behind when traversing ladders or dropping down heights. Finally placing it back with its family triggers ‘The Golden Rookery’ trophy and nets you a valuable Praxis Kit.

The Golden Rookery

New Sons Of Freedom

Inside Prague’s underground Interpol station you can find a notice board filled with a number of different pieces of evidence for all sorts of cases. There is also ‘New Sons of Freedom’ badge in the upper-right, which si clearly a reference to the Deus Ex (2000) whereby they slowly amassed in opposition against the mysterious Illuminati. Later becoming known as the ‘National Secessionist Forces’ so it’s pretty clear they’re on Task Force 29’s radar right from the beginning of Mankind Divided.

New Sons Of Freedom

Deus Ex 2000

Another Clear reference to the first couple of games of Deus Ex. You need to find a computer inside ‘Cybercrimes’ wing of the TF29 base, and you can view an email discussing Deus Ex 1’s Joseph Lebedev and the Janus Collective.

Deus Ex 2000

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