Easy way to Rank Up in Halo 3 Online

You gamers are well aware that Ranking up in Halo 3 is a hectic task as it is totally dependent on the experience point gain by the gamers and also on the skill level. Now we will tell you how you can Rank up fast in Halo 3 online its simple and easy you just need to know the use of Double ExP weekend. Follow the steps given below:

  • First Go to the Main Menu and choose Matchmaking in a Multiplayer, Start your gameplay as any of the Ranked playlist, you need to continue your gameplay until your skill level reaches in the range of 10 to 15, how this help you is that you will be consider as not a good player and you will be able to get a experience point easily.
  • After completing the first step hold on till the weekends.
  • Now in Matchmaking you need to select Double EXP weekend playlist, in this playlist if you win a match you will be gaining two experience point instead of One, so in this way you can rank up quickly as you will be getting yourself a double experience point for winning single match.
  • Continue your gameplay in Double EXP Weekend playlist and winning matches in it until your get to the ponits which can get you the rank you want.

Hope this article will help you in getting the Rank up fast in Halo 3 online.