Easy XP Farm Locations And Level Up Guide – Final Fantasy XV

 Easy XP Farm Locations And Level Up Guide – Final Fantasy XV

Level up fast in Final Fantasy XV is a bit difficult task. Thankfully, there are few locations in the game which offer XP in bulk without any hassle. In this guide, I have listed three locations where you can get XP in large amount by just performing a simple task. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Easy XP Farm Location - Final Fantasy XV

Easy XP Farm Location And Level Up

Location 1

During the side quest “The Aspiring Artisan” in Chapter 2, Imperial Magitek Troops keep spawning over and over again at the mineral point and the best thing is that they give a ton of XP and really good items. Also, their levels get higher and higher. Expect to get more that 3000 EXP with this process.

Location 2

This is a better method than the one mention above, however, it feels like a cheating. Use some (or multiple) of your Oracle Ascension Coin when crafting magic. It’ll give you an experience multiplier up to 99, depending on the coin used and how many. The best part is that you don’t even need to get a kill with it, just the use magic, finish the battle and enjoy the EXP. The only thing to note here is that the Oracle Ascension Coin that you will use has a very important use later on in the game. So do it at your own risk.

Location 3

Right above the H in Three Valleys, also the location of the Blade of Brennaere. There is a boneyard area with the tusk wolves and little birds flying around everywhere. For those who are in need to straight XP must visit this location. Players can also FARM AP with warp strike due to great warp point placement in the area, near Hammerhead.


As any other good RPG or JRPG, progression is an important piece of the puzzle in Final Fantasy XV. And Square Enix offered quite a lot of options and solution beyond combat in order to allow players to gather experience points throughout their journey in Eos. With this guide, we want to inform you about the most quick and offer some useful advise.

First, you get experience points each time you take rest. The most common way to rest is build up a tent and sleep in there, and this will provide you with a 1.0 multiplier. However, if you sleep in a motel or a RV, you can get a 1.2 or 1.5 multiplier, which makes for a significant improvement upon the base XP boost. You can get a x2 multiplier at the hotel in Galdin Quay and x3 multiplier at the Altissia Hotel.

Completing optional quests, of course, is an important way to gather XP points. As usual, completing such tasks can allow you to grab credits (Gil) and experience. Some of them are better for a reason, some other are better for another. For example, you should go for Vyv’s photography quests for money and Professor Protege’s for XP.

Are you aware of any other location where players can easily farm XP in Final Fantasy XV? Share the details with us in the comment section below. For more interesting guides like this check out our Final Fantasy XV Wiki page. It provides all details you need to know from tips and tricks, walkthrough, collectibles location and many others.