Egypt’s Medjay Walkthrough – Assassin’s Creed Origins

Crimson Dragon

In the previous Quest – Find Aya, Assassinate Gennadios And Snake, Bayek heads to Alexandria to find Aya, but he founds that she is being hunted, first, he kills Gennadios who was hired to kill Aya, and then Snake. In this part Bayek will look into a bigger picture, he will meet the Cleopatra who will then give him a mission to assassinate more evil rulers like Snake.

Egypt's Medjay Walkthrough - Assassin's Creed Origins

Quest Egypt’s Medjay Walkthrough

Reward: 900XP & Golden Medjay Badge Quest Item

After the cutscene, Bayek had done killing Snake and having a fun time with Aya, find Apollodorus who is at Kanopos Nome. After talking to him he will ask you to return back in the night at the lighthouse. Walk near the Hippodrome and you will earn 25XP on New Location Discovered. Next head to the lighthouse, in your path near a huge house just on the left of Hippodrome you will spot a Ptolemy statue, destroy that and you will earn 300 XP. Your character level must reach around 14 after this, according to our activities in the previous walkthrough. Destroying the statue will also reward you an Ability point. The lighthouse is a Fast Travel Point, you can activate it and earn 200XP.

Rescue Damastes and Recover Scroll

rescue-damastes rescue-damastes-1

After reaching the lighthouse, in the nighttime you will see a cut-scene, he will give you an objective, rescuing Damastes and recovering a scroll. Take the boat, use the Eagle vision to track down the target along with marking all the guards around. While crossing the lake you will earn extra 25XP for discovering new location Kanopos. Instead of raising an alert, jump into the water, you will see the soldiers around, these guards are Level 12 enemy. The best is to sneak behind the boats, you can climb on them and keep moving near to the target. Damastes is in a prison on the dockyard, free him, and then follow him, he will tell you the Scroll is in a sunken ship. Head to the next marker dive in and get the scroll. Once done meet Apollodorus. Next head to the villa, you can mount a horse here, there is a lake in between, you can cross it on the horse but track down the crocodiles first. New location Apollodorus Estate will reward you 25XP.

Follow Apollodorus to meet Cleopatra


He will take you to Cleopatra, watch the cutscene where Bayek will agree to work for her and earn a new Medjay badge. Pasherenptha tells Bayek Orders of Ancients is the one who wants to control Egypt. Ptolemy the Pharoah is just a puppet, Orders of Ancient are the one behind the evil rule. After the cutscene Quest Egypt’s Medjay is over. Many new quests will unlock after this, the main quest will demand at least Level 25, there is a man on the right of the estate you can talk to him to unlock more side quest that will help you to level up.


Quest The Weasel Walkthrough

Reward: 1000XP


After talking to the old man – Pelias, he will tell you to go to Pigeon Tower and investigate the area. Look on the right side first, near Charcoal. Then go on the backside and you will find some blood near logs. Look on right on the wooden cart with grass, there is a body inside. Carry the body to Pelias. next find Dymnos, the Masters of Arms and kill him. He is a Level 14 Enemy. Get back to Pelias to finish the quest. You earn an ability point and your character Level will be 15.

So here we end the fourth part i.e. Quest Egypt’s Medjay. Now, Bayek is Meday of Cleopatra he finds more target and he has to hunt down the remaining members of Orders of Ancient. You can read our walkthrough on Next Quest The Scarab’s Sting and Scarab’s Lies or you can also read our Assassin’s Creed Origins Wiki guide for more tips and updates on the game.