Electronics Parts Location – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Guide

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Mirror Edge Catalyst has various different collectibles that you need to collect and most of them will be the part of your Story Main Mission. In this Article we will be showing you all the Electronics Parts location and how can you find them. Once you reach the Conglomerate Terminal all you need to do is Steal the Chip. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Collectible location.

Electronics Parts Location

Where to Find all Electronics Parts

For Every Electronics Part, you collect it rewards you with +10 Bonus XP and you also know how many parts are hidden in every location. Once you collect 10 Electronic Parts then you’ll get Five Finger Discount Achievement. You can switch to the Mission Tab and check how many you have collected so far. To know more about the game walkthrough, collectible location you can always check out our Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Wiki Guide.

Zephyr Transit Hub Electronic Part Location

Electronic Part 1

The First Conglomerate Terminal is located on the left of the Large Fan.

Electronic Part 2

After using the Disruptor on the Large fan where you collected the first Electronic Part head outside and continue until you drop down to find this Conglomerate Terminal on your left.

Centurian Yards Electronic Part Location

Electronic Part 3

Make your way towards the Landing Pad location outside the safe house and on your Right is this Conglomerate Terminal to steal the Chip.

Electronic Part 4

Go to the Blue Building near the Safe House then run backside to find this Terminal and the Chip.

Electronic Part 5

Activate your Runner Vision to locate the Door on the side of the Building which has the next terminal.

Electronic Part 6

Next to the Staircase Railing there is a Door with Kruger written on it. Get inside the room to collect this part.

Electronic Part 7

Walk towards the Elevator side of the Building and near the Staircase and the Vent, you will find this Terminal.

Concord Plaza Electronic Parts Location

Electronic Part 8

Head towards the ‘High Roller Avenue’ dash to find this Terminal

Electronic Part 9

Get past the cooling units then look at the shed in the corner with a barred fence there you will find your next part.

Electronic Part 10

From the last location(fence) climb up to the rooftop and then back of the wall where you find a Dead Drop option mission container with a Terminal next to it.

Bonus Electronic Parts:

Electronic Part 11

From the same point drop down to the safe landing then turn right to use the stairs down. Walk inside the interior room to find this part.

Electronic Part 12

Run towards the Tall building which is under construction and climb the scaffolding until you spot this terminal inside the room.

Electronic Part 13

In the same place(under construction building) you need to push the closed door down the hall than on your right is this Terminal waiting for you.

Electronic Part 14

While you exit the construction area head left and climb the wall near the billboard to get on the higher ground which has a terminal with the Part.

Electronic Part 15

Make your way towards the next Skybridge on your left then pass the interior hallway. Now Run over the bridge then the stair and finally into the vent and once you are out to take right to grab the Part.