How to Enter Peppermint Hippo Strip Club – South Park Fractured but Whole


South Park Fractured but Whole features a strip club called Peppermint Hippo. This strip club is restricted to the player as he plays a role of a kid so the bouncers refuse us. This guide will show you how to enter the strip club and trespass the bouncers. So without any further ado, let’s get our enter inside the strip club Peppermint Hippo anyway.

Peppermint Hippo Strip Club - South Park Fractured But Whole

How to Enter Peppermint Hippo Strip Club

The Strip Club has a majority of employees are skinny, young women, but you can still check out Blaze and other fat strippers. The Peppermint Hippo outside light reads “Girls! Girls!! Girls!!!” and “Live Nudes”. This will make you want to enter anyway so let’s get started already.

Now that the Bouncers have rejected you to enter, head towards the blocked window near the dumpster on your right. Here you need to use the Scanner to target the blue umbrella which is holding the lid. Now hit with Snap N Pop to make the lid fall down and unblock the window.

If you have completed the mission ‘Bowels of the Beast’ then you can use Captain Diabetes beside the phone booth. He will rip the phone booth from the ground which will open your door to the Strip Club window. You will enter the Men’s washroom and from there you can begin the exploration.

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