Chapter 11: Reconnecting Walkthrough – The Evil Within 2

In Chapter 9 Another Evil Sebastian gets a glimpse of the upcoming enemy, Father Theodore and he also finds a Mobius Agent Torres in the next Chapter 11 Hidden from the Start. The conspiracy behind STEM is getting clearer once you talk to Torres about things going in Union. In this part, Sebastian first finds O’Neal and Hoffman. He founds that O’Neal now works for the evil preacher Theodore, so he is the boss of this part now, after fighting with him, you have to blow up the machine to finally locate the evil preacher.

Chapter 11 Walkthrough

Chapter 11: Reconnecting Walkthrough

Pass through The Marrow to find a way back to O’Neal:

Torres Marrow Terminal

After talking to Torres and then Kidman in the safe room, Sebastian tries to contact O’Neal for Intel on Father Theodore. Due to no connectivity he decides to find him back. Before moving ahead, you can survey the room to find items. There are files explosives, coffee, etc. You can also talk to Torres to know more about Myra and things going around in STEM. There is also a mirror in a room on right of Torres, the first door you can go the office for upgrades. The computer is on the second room use that to enter the Marrow.

Ce C03 Unlock Pattern

You will reach The Marrows: Facilities, after crossing through the Marrow, survey the room and you will find a Condenser at a corner. This can be later used in crafting. Exit the room and you will reach a locked door CE-C03. Move the switch in following pattern – 2, 1, 3 and 4. On the left side you will see a dead soldier, collect the Hand Axe and a photographic slide from the table. There is a safe room ahead, go there and use your communicator to for a memory. This is the place where you met Hoffman before.

Follow Hoffman to discover O’Neal’s whereabouts:

Marrow Restricted Area

After getting info about Hoffman, you have to make your way to the marker. You have to use door next to Restricted Area text. You will reach a lift, which will take you to The Marrow: Restricted Labs. On your left before the white lobby you will find a room with Mirror. So have a chance here save your game, get upgrades and a file. Once you are done, enter the area for investigation. You will see a room with green tanks. Cross the door on the other side, and follow Hoffman.

Search the Laboratory for a Unity Cerebral Chip:

Unity Cerebral Chip Unity Cerebral Chip Location 1

The chip to unlock the door ahead is in the operation theater of Lab 3. To reach the lab, turn around and walk straight, on your left you will see stairs go up, on one end there is Lab 2 where you can find a memory and on the other end there is Lab 3. There will be some creatures in your path. You can refer the image above, head to the operation room in it and use the Pass code – 0128, this password can be found in Computer File: Operative Case. It is at the corner near X-ray. Once done use the password to get the chip.

Pass through the security gate and search for Hoffman and O’Neal:

Unity Cerebral Chip Location 2 Facing Anima

After getting the chip, you will see lights around turn red, walk slowly and try to reach the floor, the place will be now spawning with creatures. Use the bottle for distraction, as you go down you will see a creature. On the opposite side you will see a shutter, shoot the switch on the left with a bolt arrow and it will open up. Run in the end and you will find a room on right after a dead end. As you collect a file from the computer, you will hear voice of Anima.

Facing Anima 2 Facing Anima 3

Facing Anima:

While trying to escape, you will be pulled into another world where you will be facing this boss. You have to stay in cover, if she spots you she will throw up huge debris in your path. there are stairs at the corner that will lead you down, and once again she will appear on your right. Now you have to again hide behind covers and take the path that is behind Anima, look for the area with red light. This won’t be easily, she will keep on shifting things, as you get chance keep on moving on the other side of room and run till the end. Once you are able to cross her, you reach to an old building, on your right there is a room, you will find a file on the table. On your left there is another room, go near the stretcher and you will find a file Letter from Police Chief. Cross the door and go down, you will a previous version of Sebastian. At the end of this cut scene you will get a handgun.

Fight O’Neal:

Liam Fight O Neal

Now using the gun you can return to the closed door where Hoffman disappeared. Inside you will find a door with 4 marked on that. Go near to that door. This will trigger a cut scene. You will be now fighting with O’Neal, the tech guy who helped you before. There is a green switch above Fire warning, hit that. You can freeze him using crossbow and when he stops for a while you can shoot him with shotgun. His fire attacks are devastating, it can eat your high amount of health. There are cylinders around you can shoot to clear the flames in your area. Hide somewhere he cannot find you easily, then take out sniper and shoot on the head. Do not go much near to this guy, you can lure him near the nitro cylinders around and as you shoot it, he will freeze.

There will be second phase of fight, you have to once again run towards the switch to turn on water sprinkler, and he will get madder in this second phase of fight. Hit the switch to wipe out the flames and then stay out of his range. You have to use crossbow once again to freeze him and then shoot on his head. Keep running around and shoot him from a distance on the head. This will kill him. O’Neal will point towards a machine, after destroying it you will be able to find Theodore.

Search the back room and find the machine that O’Neal mentioned:

You can collect Broken Flamethrower from the dead body of O’Neal. You will have to find replacement parts to fix this. Go in Room 4 just in the same room for a memory and some weapons parts. There is also a mirror for you to go to Sebastian’s Room. once you are done on the front you will see a door to Laboratory. The next door ahead will lead you to the machine, a machine quiet similar to Stable Field Emitter.

Talk to Esmeralda when ready to arm the explosives:

Destroy Machine Theodore

Talk to Hoffman first, for info and then talk to Torres. You can tell her to use the explosives. Move ahead with the process. Next you will listen to Theodore’s voice, this is the end of this chapter, you can read our walkthrough on Chapter 12 Bottomless Pit or you can also refer our Evil Within 2 Wiki guide for more updates and tips on the game.