Chapter 4: Behind The Curtain Walkthrough – The Evil Within 2

In Chapter 3: The Resonances, Sebastian was able to track down clues for Lily’s voice, Mobius agent O’Neal tells him about a access to City Hall for which he has to pass through Marrow Tunnels, in this part you will be locating Exit B2 that will take you to the City Hall, the clock tower which you had seen in the last part in order to locate the murderer who is killing up Mobius agents and also know more about Lily whom he abducted.

Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Chapter 4 Behind The Curtain

Find the entrance to The Marrow in the North Safe House for a route to City Hall:

The Marrow Operations

Head to the marker that will lead you to North Safe House. Here you have to access the Marrow operations computer. It will take you to a dark place, walk towards the pillar on your left and you will find a second computer. This will take you to Exit 18C. According to O’Neal, you have to find Exit B2.

Search for Exit B2 in The Marrow to reach City Hall:

Exit the place and your next objective begins. You can see the marker on the map where you have to reach, but as most of the area is dark you have to hunt your way down. On your right there is a door, go inside and you will reach a military room with a huge Union map on the wall. there are not enemies here, so go in enter the server room. You will find a vent through which you can pass into BE-C03, the door is locked by a dead person. You can open this by shooting on the switch on the right of the door. There are some crates on the right side, open them to get some ammo and weapon parts. There is huge vault door on the opposite side cross that and you will hear enemy voices. There is one just on the left side of the door, go quietly and shoot it first.

Path To Exit B2

Go down and you will see a lock door, with text Entry To Access Tunnels. Take the iron stair, go up and in the room on your left side, you will find two bodies. the dead soldier will give you Pouch Upgraded! – Warden Crossbow Ammo Posh. There is also a switch on the shelf, after collecting times get back to the locked door. Use the communicator to adjust the height and width of green frequency, till the door opens up you have to wait back and kill some enemies. Who will be drawn there because of alarm voice. Enter the tunnel door opens up, go in break the chains of a metal door with DANGER symbol on it. enter and it will take you to The Marrow: Access Tunnels – Central.

The Gas Room

This place is more like a sewer, walk through the iron path, and press the green switch on your left. This will flush the dirty water below, and open up the path ahead. Go down, and take the stairs ahead. Go up and on your left, there is a white door. Enter the same, you will see a door with the DANGER sign. open it, and walk slowly by taking cover behind crates. As there is a gas leak you will not be allowed to use your weapons. But you can use bottles to create a distraction. Wait and watch the pattern of the enemy walk. you can also stealth kill them. Walk straight and turn left, you will get stairs that will lead you down towards sewer. Ignore the huge round entrance on your left side. again you have to go slowly, because of creatures around. One will be ahead blocking your path, hide behind the walls.

Marrow Sewer Marrow Sewer 2

As it goes away take a right turn. You have to wait there for few seconds, keep following the creature, but stay covered. As you take a right turn, the creature will go left, hide behind the crate and it will return after a while.

Marrow Sewer 3 Sewer Switch Puzzle

once it goes in the opposite direction go right, and take the door on your right. You will get a switch. Press the switch buttons in the following manner: – 1st, 2nd, and 4th. This will turn on the lights around. Stay in the room for a while, as the creature goes away, it will turn right, walk and hide behind the crate on your left side. once again it crosses your path run straight ahead and takes first left, you will see a light, and there you will find a white door. Enter it and go up. Now you will see in the map that you are much nearer to Exit B2. Survey the area for items, then follow the door Exit B2. On the first right you will find a room with some crates, so if you want you can go there to gather items, or else go straight ahead towards another door, on your left just near the door there is a vent. There is also a Residual Memory in this room.

Exit B2 To Union

Once you enter the vent go straight and enter another one ahead, it will turn right and you will reach to a room, one will lead to West Access Tunnel and other to City Hall Access. Go Exit B2 and you will find a computer. Use that to go to Go to Union: City Hall. After using the second computer you will be in City Hall Area. Save your game by using the terminal on the left corner. There is also a coffee machine, you can load your full health and a mirror on the small storage on right, you can use it just in case to go for new upgrades. If you plan to upgrade this time Tatiana, will give you some test for improving your shooting skills. You can play this mini mission, for some new reward and a rank.

Once you are done with your upgrades return to the same room and take stairs up. Go outside, follow the road and you will reach the clock tower. There you will see Stefano Valentini. This is the end of Chapter 4 Behind The Curtain and beginning of next Chapter 5: Lying in Wait. You can go through the chapter walkthrough or also you can refer our The Evil Within 2 Wiki Guide.