Chapter 5: Lying in Wait Walkthrough – The Evil Within 2

In Chapter 4: Behind The Curtain, Sebastian enters the City Hall, this massive place has some puzzle to open up the path ahead, and it will lead you to deal with the second big boss of this game The Obscura. It is more like a walking camera. One more important objective at the beginning is to activate the Stable Field Emitter, that will help you in the boss fight.

Chapter 5 Walkthrough

Chapter 5 Lying in Wait

Enter City Hall and search for Lily:

City Hall Entrance Guardian Boss Figth

Straight ahead at the gate, there is a photo you will find on his head. There will be a short cutscene, in which you will see a massive eye. Next, you have to face the Gruesome, Giggling Guardian. You wll require a good amount of shock bolts and handgun ammo here. Through shock bolts, you can stun here and slow the boss for a while. That will help you to stay a bit away without losing much of your health. Next when you get a chance shoot the head. Look at the back left corner of the area and you will find a oil pool, lure the boss to that location and then ignite it. This will set her on firing causing a good amount of damage. There are areas around covered with trip wire, you can lure the boss as its saw can destroy it to gather some items like ammos. Tripwires are also best to slow down the Guardian, you can then shoot her on the head. Keep moving around, don’t stay too near. If you run out of ammo you can run around and find near the crates. With running you have to keep a watch on various resources in area.

Find and activate the Stable Field Emitter on the second floor of City Hall:

After she is dead, survey the area to find some ammos and items, break down all the crates and then you can head into the city hall. You will injured Mobius agent Miles Harrison. He will tell you to turn on Stable Field Emitter. He will also give you his Communicator device that will help you to turn on the Emitter. There are some items on the table, you can take them and next head to the brown door just behind where the soldier died. Before continuing the story you can take a right turn, and take another right, you will enter a office where you will find a file on the table and ammos on the right. You can find nails on the drawer on the right of the door. Go further in and you will a workbench and a terminal to save your game. This will be a good place to save your progress.

City Hall Entrance 1

Get back to the brown door, once you enter you will see a mobius agent hanging in the air. There is a door on the right side, it will lead you upstairs, to a room with a mannequin in between and cameras around. In this room near the big painting you will find a rose, and on right below second wall paniting you will find a Emerald Necklace. You will need to this open your path ahead, see behind the manequine there is a huge picture of a lobby.

Mannequin Puzzle

Go near the mannequin, add the necklace and rose to the flower pot on the table, adjust the manequine to look into the camera and click a picture. Once you do that on the extreme end, behind the mannequin, you will see something written in blood. Walk to that lobby investigate the first painting on your left on the opposite of the wall clock. G near the lamp and on your right you will see third painting appears. Walk near the white board and then turn back, go near the lamp, collect a file and investigate third painting. Next, run for a while and you will hear a click sound. As you turn you will see a red painting.

City Hall Studio

Run towards banging door, you will reach a lobby with a dead end. Later you will hear some voices, a door will open up then. Go inside and investigate the area, on the desk you will find a file, get outside then a herb behind the wardrobe. Go outside, walk right, you will see the murderer, eventually the door will close, now you have to turn around and walk a new passage will lead you below. You will see a room filled with creatures paused in time. Search on the right for a note and a white door next to it. open it and you will reach the same room where you find the rose and necklace. Go right, it will lead you to Stable Field Emitter.

Obscura Boss Fight:

Obscura Boss Fight

After the cutscene, you will face the second boss of The Evil Within 2, Obscura. This boss is a camera with three legs. When you activate the Stable Field Emitter the boss will try to stop hit. The boss is not really tough you can use a handgun to defeat it. Best is to use a crossbow to shun it and then keep on shooting him. You can also use a sniper rifle, all you have to do is stay a bit away, this boss is not really fast if you try to escape. You will have a countdown time of 90 seconds in which you have to stop the boss from turning off Stable Field Emitter. So keep a gun ready for you, as it freezes the machine in time, you have t unfreeze it by shooting at the camera lens on the head of the boss. It can also crawl on walls, so try to keep a wider area in your view, with a few accurate gunshots you can bring the boss down. Once the countdown timer is over the Stable Field Emitter will help you in dealing with it.

Leave City Hall:

Exit city hall, take the door on the opposite of filed emitter, then the door on the left. Keep going left and you will get stairs, once you are end, take the first door on the right, and turn right to exit this hall.

After the cutscene, Sebastian gets new locations to find Stefano Valentini who is at the theater in Union, using the Marrow again he has to find Exit D5. This is the end of Chapter 5 Lying in Wait, you can read our walkthrough on Chapter 6 On the Hunt or go through our The Evil Within 2 Wiki Guide.