Chapter 6: On The Hunt Walkthrough – The Evil Within 2

In Chapter 5: Lying in Wait, Sebastian enters the City Hall, and after defeating Obsucra he exit the hall. In this part, you have to reach Grand Theater for which you have to go through Exit D5, and you will also encounter a surviving Mobius Agent.

Chapter 6 Walkthrough

Chapter 6 On The Hunt

Pass through The Marrow and Search for Exit D5:

City Hall Safe House 2

Out from the City Hall, O’Neal will tell you about Exit D5 that will take you to the Theater in Union. So your objective is to reach the next marker. Now follow the road on opposite of City Hall gate, it will take you to the Safe House. You can spend your time in crafting up weapons with items you left and upgrading your skills. In the same room, you will find a computer at a corner that you have to use to enter Marrow. After using that you will reach Exit B2.

Exit D5 Map

Above you can see the map where you have to go, after coming out from the room West Access Tunnel AN-B02 gate will open. Enter the new area, the first door on your left will give you some supplies. If you have enough you can move ahead, there is a second door on your left. This one has a dead soldier. You can get a pouch upgrade there. You can continue from right, cross the metal gate, walk left. Follow the red lights till you find few creatures ahead. You can use a Explosive Bolt to take them down. You will have to take the stairs down, till you reach a white door on your left. This new room will have some living white liquid all around.

D5 Projection Room White Liquid Skull

Go to the room with a lot of TV’s around. You will see a projection, on the left of projector you will also find a Photographic slide. Walk ahead, to the next door and walk right. You will see the door closed up something ran. In the next cut scene, you will a creature which is in the form of white liquid and has two red eyes. Stay in cover, use a bottle to distract, throw it on the left side, as it turns around to walk towards the pillar on your right. Keep moving towards the end of the room by hiding behind the crates. Walk only when it turns around when you reach on the other side of room exit quietly. You will reach into another room full of wooden boxes. There is a door while trying to cross that this creature will attack you. Shoot in the eye. After escaping from the creature walk left and keep walking till the end, you will find a room with No Smoking sign on the right bottom.

Yukiko Hoffman

This is the place where you will meet, Yukiko Hoffman, Mobius Agent. She will tell you about Exit D5. Before leaving you can talk to her about the things going on in Union. You can gather a file from PC, take Coffee or even visit your Safe House and save your game. Exit D5 door is behind where Yukiko is sitting. Pass through the door and at the end you will reach a terminal. It will take you to Business District, you can see the next safe house in the map.

Investigate The Theater:

Once you are out of this room, investigating the theater is the next objective. So go to the Theater, but watch out for enemies in your path. as you reach the gate of Grand Theater you will see a few pictures and voice of Stefano Valentini.

Chapter 6 On The Hunt ends at the gate of Grand Theater, Sebastian hears the voice of Lily, you can read our walkthrough on Chapter 7 Lust for Art or you can also go through our The Evil Within 2 Wiki Guide for more tips and update on the game.