Chapter 7: Lust for Art, Chapter 8 Premiere Walkthrough – The Evil Within 2

In Chapter 6: On The Hunt, Sebastian enters the City Hall, and after defeating Obsucra he exit the hall. In this part, you have to reach Grand Theater for which you have to go through Exit D5, and you will also encounter a surviving Mobius Agent in the path. once you destroy Stefano’s two piece of art you will get access to the theater where you will finally face him.

Chapter 7 8 Walkthrough

Chapter 7 Lust for Art Walkthrough

Use the Communicator to search for Stefano’s works of art and destroy them:

You have to destroy two of Stefano’s works of art, you can see their location on the map. You have to use the communicator to locate them and this time the roads are filled with creatures. So once you mark your point to begin, it is best to use a sniper from a distance to save some time. You can kill the waking creatures in your path and head towards the target point.

While moving around you might also face Guardian in your path, so you have to move precautions. There are possibilities of Guardian spawning. The way to kill her is to run around, as she will follow you, use the shotgun to shoot her head.

Stefano Valentini Artwork 1 Location:

Stefano Art 1 Location Stefano Art 1 Location 1

Now follow the first on to the south, this will take you to Devil’s own Taproom, go through the brown door and you will see a painting on your right. In the next cinematic you will see Sebastian is pulled into a room with the art work locked behind a gate. Cross the lobby and you will see two flashbacks of how Stefano creates his artwork. You will reach a room with a hand in the centre. Collect the key, and return back, you have to now move from the left as the lobby is locked. There are creatures around, you can kill them by sneaking from behind. After killing them all, you have to open the metal gate to go the other side of the lobby. Unlock the gate, as you open it, you will see electric wires that are guarding the artwork. So crouch and walk towards it, avoid the wires at all cost, you have to walk in a circle to reach the art work.

Saving Mobius Agent Sykes:

Save Mobius Agent

Once you are back into the motel, get outside and head to the second artwork which is nearby on the west side. look for the boar of Krimons’s Plaza on your left, you will hear a voice of Mobius Agent. Push the gate on the left side near a car. You will have to save him from the creatures. He will call you for help, kill the creatures around. He will have a limited health bar, so you will have a time limit, this is a side objective – Out In The Open. After saving him, he will lead you to a Safe House. You can use it for upgrades and full health.

Stefano Valentini Artwork 2 Location:

Stefano Art 2 Location Stefano Art 2 Location 1

Once you are out if you are not playing the side mission walk towards the second marker location that is on the east of the map. You have to find a hotel at the end of root on your right, near a bus. Go upstairs and at the end, you will find the second art work. Again you have to find the key for the locked door, so go down and you will see a creepy shadow ahead. Enter the room where it disappeared, first left, then keep walking towards the left and you will reach a room with a table in the center. you can spot the key on the hand. Take that and as you try to return you will have to run towards the gate. Unlock the chamber and once again you have to crouch below the electric wires. This time walk from the left side in a circular way and destroy the art work.

The two paintings that you had seen in the front of Theatre gate will be destroyed. Exit the hotel, and go towards the Grand Theater. The gate is now open.

Chapter 8 Premiere Walkthrough

Take Down Stefano and save Lily:

As you enter the Grand Theater a new chapter begins. You will hear the voice of Stefano. Go on the top following the stairs, and you will see a painting go near for a Residual Memories. On the top section, you will reach to the Screen Door. Open and watch the next cutscene.

Follow Stefano Follow Stefano 2

After the cut scene, you will have to follow him, but eventually, he will escape. The theatre will break into pieces, so you have to jump ahead to move. one of the biggest problems is to avoid the range of the big blue eye. There is enough debris of broken walls ahead to hide behind. Crouch and move slowly. Cross the door after escaping it and you will see a Mirror on the right corner. You can go to the safe house for upgrades. Once you are back turn around and take the first left you will find a door on your right. You have to exit this place, go down and you will find the exit door at the far end on your right.

Stefano Valentini Boss Fight:

After the cut scene, where Sebastian finally finds Stefano. This will trigger a boss fight with him. He cans teleport from one location to another instantly. You have to understand his pattern of spawn points. it will be easier for you to target him with your weapons, once you know where he will appear next. Keep the handgun ready and to damage hard try a few shots of the shotgun. Look on small tables below paintings in the arena.

Phase 1: As the fight starts Stefano will teleport fast towards you around four times. So here you don’t really need to shoot him, all you have to do is dodge his attacks. Once he is done with shifting from one place to another he will come to stab you, you have to again dodge his knife attacks and when you do this successfully shoot him. He will also throw the knife at you so be ready to dodge. After every dodge, you have to take a successful shot. Very important, Stefano will try to trap you in time by taking the photo, to dodge this you have to break the line of sight, as you hear the camera shutter.

Phase 2: In the second phase, the massive eye Aperture will join the fight, and you have to cover yourself to run from its tentacles attack. This will directly try to stab hide behind the walls. There are three points, two walls on left and right and one in the center. take the extreme right one, and as Stefano teleports towards you shoot him. He will shot Philistine! And run towards you in the straight line, you have to dodge and shoot. Remember his knife attack will eat a lot of your health so it is very important to escape from that.

Stefano Boss Fight

Stefano’s teleporting thing is annoying you have to wait for a while to take a shot. You can also draw him towards you, but d dodge, if you are not good at that then run around really fast. Because the aperture will also attack in between. After Stefano dies the aperture will go away.

In the next cut scene, Sebastian finds Lily but she is once again abducted by the next boss Myra, and Sebastian wakes up back in his office. Here Chapter 8 ends, you can read our walkthrough on Chapter 9 Another Evil or refer our Evil Within 2 Wiki guide for more updates and tips on the game.