Chapter 9: Another Evil, Chapter 10 Hidden from the Start Walkthrough – The Evil Within 2

In Chapter 7 Lust for Art Sebastian destroys Stefano’s art and lure him to fight, he was killed in Chapter 8 Premiere, now in Chapter 9 Another Evil, he has to find clues about Myra and Lily both. He also locates a evil father who wants to control Mobius and finally in Chapter 10 the next one in this guide you will be meeting another Mobius agent who is hiding from the start. She is a part of the big plan.

Chapter 9 10 Walkthrough

Chapter 9 Another Evil Walkthrough

Get your bearings and look for signs of Myra and Lily:

Lilys Doll Horror

In the office on the board where you found the pictures of Mobius agent you will see Stefano’s picture also. The mirror is now gone, instead, there are candles and Lily’s doll. Save your game first from the right terminal and then investigate the doll. After touching the doll, you will be pulled into a weird place of cages and coffins. You won’t find any map data here.

Hell Cage 1 Hell Gate 2

Behind the symbol there is a door, cross that, and keep walking. Take first right and you will see some fire. There is will be a torture room on your left. Go in the medieval torture room, straight ahead you will see a passage go there and turn right, cross the open metal gate and you will reach another one at the end. Open it, and cross the lobby. You will reach a room with stone beds on your right.

Hell Gate 3 Crank Handle

Enter that room and ahead you will see a locked gate which requires a crank lever to open up. Also, enemies are locked in prisons, as you find the crack handle they all will be free. So right now you won’t have to face them. A few creatures will be near the close gate.

Crank Handle Location

Crank Handle Location: From the gate you enter take first right, you will see a few enemies banging their head in prison, go to the extreme left end and open the metal door, you will find a Crank handle, collect it and return to the close gate, use the handle to open it to move forward.

As you collect the handle all enemies will be free, there are two ways, either you shoot them and move fast or hide behind the walls and kill them in stealth mode to save your ammos. Once you open the gate, walk to the next door, in the end, you will also find a Residual Memory on the last room on right, you have to walk through a small hole in the wall on the left end to get the memory.

Burning Creatures

Return and cross the door in the lobby, and go down, through the wooden stairs. in the next cut scene you will see Sebastian falls down. Cross the gate ahead, and keep walking. After the cut scene walk towards the house. Now you have to fight with a few burning creatures in your path. Dodge there attack and shoot them with shotguns for maximum damage’s there will be three of them. Once you are done dealing with them, the symbol will appear on the wall, walk towards it. A new passage opens up, you will see the mirror on your right, and you can use that for upgrades or elselet’s move ahead.

Lever Puzzle

You will reach a huge hall, survey the area for items, and then take the stairs that will take you on the top. you will find four levers. You have to rotate the symbol on the ground according to the picture above. Each one controls the four rotatable parts below. So just align them and wait for the cut scene. A new gate opens up. Cross that for the next cut scene you will see Father Theodore.

Chapter 10 Hidden from the Start Walkthrough

Fight off the enemies surrounding the building:

Esmeralda Torres

After waking up you have to fight against the hordes of enemies with Esmeralda Torres. Your objective will be keeping her alive. You will see a health bar on her, so keep killing all the enemies. There a red drum in the room, the enemies will follow you, shoot on it to burn them. There will be a second phase of fight where more will appear from below. Follow Torres.

Torres Safe House Torres Safe House 2

Torres will lead you to the Safe House and will tell about Kidman’s plan of bringing Mobius down which was planned first by Myra. Keep following here till you reach the Safe House, but in between, you will see an enemy crawling in your path. try out a sniper here to make a path ahead without raising much of alarm. You have to walk slowly as there are many enemies around. Using sniper will be helpful as you will not draw much attention. You have to keep Torres safe at all cost.

Reach the entrances of Torres’s Safe House:

Torres Safe House 3

You cannot cross the path that is blocked by a burning tree, but there is a way on the right side, look for the tree with a red flag on it. Go there and on the ground, there is a metal gate. This ends the chapter here.

Once you enter the Safe House, you can get a lot of info about what all things are going in STEM, you have to just talk to her second time, this end the Chapter 10 here, you can read our walkthrough on next Chapter 11 Reconnecting or you can also go through our Evil Within 2 Wiki guide for more updates and tips on the game.