Evil Within 2 Wiki – Walkthrough, Weapons Locations, Collectibles And More

The Evil Within 2 brings the new horror story of Sebastian Castellanos who lost his daughter Lily in a tragic accident. This new edition brings twists and turns, with a mysterious storyline and new characters. In this wiki guide, you can find full game walkthrough along with tips on the game. You can also find guides to find weapons, safe house locations and much more.

Evil Within 2 Wiki


  • Into the Flame: This is Chapter 1, the beginning of The Evil Within 2, Sebastian Castellanos is abducted by Kidman to enter STEM to find Intel on his daughter.
  • Something Not Quiet Right: In this second chapter, Sebastian enters into the STEM, and finds there is nothing right here, he finds a trail of a murderer, whom he later follows to locate his daughter Lily.
  • The Resonances: This the third chapter of The Evil Within 2, Sebastian finds himself trapped in Union a world created in the STEM, while trying to save his life, he finds a Mobius Agent and gets further leads on Lily.
  • Behind The Curtain: In this fourth chapter, Sebastian passes through Marrow Tunnels, and tries to head to the clock tower, to finally locate the mysterious murderer who is murdering Mobius Agent.
  • Lying in Wait: In the Fifth chapter, Sebastian finally finds a way to enter the City Hall. There is some puzzle ahead, you can find their solutions in the guide along with info deal a boss The Obscura.
  • On The Hunt: After dealing with Obscura in this Sixth Chapter, Sebastian has to reach Grand Theater.
  • Lust for Art & Premiere: In this Seventh and Eight Chapter, you have to destroy Stefano Valentini, works of art. There are two of them on different locations, after destroying it, you can enter the Grand Theater and fight with Stefano Valentini Boss.
  • Another Evil & Hidden from the Start: In this Ninth and Tenth Chapter, Sebastian finds a new enemy father Theodore, and Esmeralda Torres a Mobius Agent who will tell Sebastian about Myra’s big plan.
  • Reconnecting: This one is the Eleventh Chapter of The Evil Within 2, Sebastian has to locate O’Neal the Mobius Agent who helped him later, and he also finds more about an Evil Preacher Father Theodore.
  • Bottomless Pit And Stronghold: In these two chapters, finally Sebastian fights with O’Neal who is turned into monsters by Father Theodore. He also finds the location of the evil preacher.
  • Burning the Altar And The End of This World: This is Chapter 14 and Chapter 15, where Hoffman sacrifices herself to help Sebastian to reach Father Theodore. Sebastian also finds Myra in the end.
  • In Limbo: This is the Ending Chapter of The Evil Within 2, Sebastian will have to fight Myra who is stopping his path in saving Lily from the STEM.

Tips and Tricks:

  • How To Enable First Person Mode: In Evil Within 2 with a simple trick you can play as First Person Mode. But there are chances the game might crash.
  • Abilities And Skill Upgrades: Abilities and Skills can make your character strong, and make your journey easier to fight with the bosses ahead, this guide will give you the list of abilities and skills you can go for along with the cost to pay.
  • Weapon Upgrades: You can craft weapons at the work-bench and upgrade them also to enhance their performance by investing Weapon Parts. This guide has the info about what upgrades you can try out and how much you will have to pay to get them.

Collectibles Locations & Unlocks:

  • Residual Memories Location: Residual memories are one of the collectibles that reveal a lot about what is going on in the STEM.
  • All 8 Mysterious Items Location: There are some mysterious items in the game, in this guide you can find their locations.
  • All Safe House Location: Safe houses in Evil Within 2 gives you access to various upgrades, full health, and inventory management. It is a very important place to run when you are out of health.
  • How To Unlock Classic Difficulty (NG+): There is a Classic mode in Evil Within 2 which is a kind of New Game Plus, refers the guide for unlocking it.
  • All Weapons Locations: Weapons are important to kill enemies and bosses around, you can craft them by finding item parts. In the guide, you can find some of the weapons locations that will help you.

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