Eye for an Eye – Watch Dogs 2 Walkthrough Chapter 10

 Eye for an Eye – Watch Dogs 2 Walkthrough Chapter 10

Horatio is mission. Track his cell phone for the next cut scene. That shows he is kidnapped and killed. You will need to find him out. Later you will have to reach the place where he is taken and a final cut scene for the next mission.

Break into the Tezcas Hangout:


Move ahead following the orange marker and break in the Hangout. The place is guarded. Hack into the house to reach the top floor and hack into the system. Download Tezcas operation info.

Switch the irrigation System:


Follow the next marker for the next objective. You will encounter many enemies in between. You will need to exit the hangout once you are done with the objective.

Meet DedSec scout at the harbor:


Reach the harbor area for the next conversation. After that you will need to Destroy 4 crates of cocaine in the area. It is a long mission. You wil need to use the quadcopter to get access key properly and then moving ahead in the ship with locked doors. Crates are located in different areas guarded. You can use Jumper to burn them if you don’t want to get inside and indulge into a combat.


Follow the marker location and burn the crates one by one is a easier way. The Quadcopter on the same can also help in setting up traps to take down the guards. The final one is at the top where you wil need to reach manually and burn the crate. Finally leave the area by jumping into the water and swim to the boat.

Meet DedSec Sout near rendez-vous:


Reach rendez-vous to meet DedSec for taking down Tezcas. There wil be a short conversation first. Next is to take down the members ahead.

Avenge Horatio’s Death:

You can slowly move ahead and kill them all one by one. Or else you can use Forging Evidence for force reinforcement on the same. Sniper is a good weapon to take them down from a long range. Once done get out of the area.

The Real Dog Fight:


Final aim is to take down the head of gang by meeting DedSec member in the area. The gang leader is in heavily guarded area. Quadcopter can help you get a high aerial view to peep in. A few traps can help you to distract the member. Enter the premises and take the lift to the basement for the next cut scene. You will need the access key then, there is a guard on the left.


The area is occupied by too many guards. Direct combat can be lethal. Using the jumper and Quadcopter to create distraction would help you to peek in easily. Botnet recharge is one way to tackle down a few guards. Once you are done with the objective exit the area and reach the HQ.

So this was the end of Chapter 10 Eye for an Eye, you can read the Chapter 11 Hack TEH World. Or else you can refer to our Watch Dog 2 Wiki Guide for full walkthrough, tips and tricks and many updates on the game.