Facing the Enigma – Deus Ex Mankind Divided Walkthrough


After getting the Evidence from Miller’s NSN in Mission 9, Vega will call you back and inform you that hearing the evidence Janus is ready to meet and talk to you. So let’s see what happens when Jensen meets Janus at the abandoned tourist shop near Central Plaza. Directly head towards the Marked location and look

Facing the Enigma Walkthrough

Facing the Enigma Walkthrough

Once you head out of Miller’s NSN, Delera will be working on something. This will lead you to a very long side mission. We recommend to complete the side mission and know more about the Interpol.

Meet With Janus

Head directly to the Monument Station, ignore all the Police tapes and get inside the open window. Climb up to find the locked door then climb through the elevator shaft and get down. Once you get to the main underground area, you’ll see a room full of monitor screens, enter the room and the cutscene will start.

Escape the Drones

While you having a conversation with Janus, the site will get compromised and three security drones will enter the area. Now the first thing to do is close the door and on your right is the vent which can be entered if you move the objects. Once you get outside the vent, keep crouching and move towards the right. Here you can either try to Go Lethal or the Non-Lethal way the call is totally yours.

If going Lethal way then you can try tossing the EMP grenades and blast them apart. For the Non-Lethal way, you must travel from one room to another without getting detected. Once you enter the sewers, there are two bots in the Large area. You can easily go unseen, but try to be quick before the power drains to zero.

After escaping the drone the last area is full of lasers and Mines, and if you are not shielded by the EPM then the only thing left is running. Get past the sealed full of gas and start climbing the ladder to escape. Thus completing the walkthrough for Mission 10 and you can continue to next Mission 11 – Confronting the Bomb-maker or Mission 12 – The Heist or check our Deus Ex Mankind Divided Wiki to know more about the game collectible location, tips, tricks, and cheats.