Fade to Black – Deus Ex Mankind Divided Side Mission Walkthrough

Fade in Black is a one of the side mission of Deus Ex Mankind Divided. Jensen has to investigate about finding whereabouts of a missing undercover agent of TF29 called Vince Black. According to Dr. Auzenne, he hasn’t shown up to report about Mission to uncover Dvali’s crime scenes. This guide will show you where to find Vince Black and grab all the information leading to Dvali’s crime family.

Fade to Black Walkthrough

SM07 – Fade to Black Walkthrough

Search Vince Black’s Office

Follow the marked location after having a conversation with Dr. Auzenne. Once you get inside his office look for the laptop, hack and check his emails for the next clue. You’ll find a mail from Dobromila who is working as Vince’s Informer and they have decided to meet at the nightclub called The Red Queen, deep in Dvali territory.

Note: Don’t forget to check and loot his office to get a Silencer from his safe.

Meet Vince’s Informer

Make your way to the Nightclub and on the first floor near the balcony, you’ll find a woman with short blonde hair. Talk to her and convince her that you are Vince, she agrees to tell you details about Vlasta and then asks you to meet at the courtyard by the tracks in Prekazka.

Go to the Meeting Spot

Go to the courtyard which is located nearby the checkpoint. Here you need to take down the two thugs who are planning to kill Dobromila. Once you’re done dealing with them simply give her the money or a train ticket you have found in Vince’s office. She will tell you the details of Vlasta’s Dvali smuggling operation and storage locker details.

Investigate Vlasta’s Locker

The next stop is the Palisade Property Bank and to enter you must use the Code that Dobromila has provided. Inside the office, you will find a painting which can be moved to find a secret switch. Get to the basement and meet Ovivie Devos, after talking to her you will find information about Vince, she will give you info about Vince apartment.

At the end of the conversation Vlasta shows up and here you have to make a choice – either try to negotiate then bribe or simply take them down. Try not to go lethal as this will not give you the achievement trophy.

Find Vince’s Apartment

Now that you have found the final clue, let’s locate Vince and know more. Head towards the marked location in the red light district and then head towards the basement. There you will find him dead, search his body to get a pocket secretary and inform Auzenne about the same. Thus completing the side quest and make sure you check our Deus Ex Mankind Divided Wiki Guide to know more about the game collectible locations, tips, tricks, keycodes, Passwords and much more.