Fallout 4: All Side Quests Walkthrough

 Fallout 4: All Side Quests Walkthrough

Side quests are an important portion of your Fallout 4 experience. That’s why we highly suggest you to read this list of 14 important side quests you can find in the game, basically to know everything about them and acquire XP points/item that will reveal important in the economy of the title.

Fallout 4


In the town you used to live before you entered the Vault, you will find Sturges, who will provide you some tasks to do – this happens right after you first use your Power Suit. The first task requires to make a bed inside the house you will be living. The second needs you to get water for your settlement, building two wells. The third involves food and the best place where you can get it is the Abernathy Farm (Melon and Tato plants to be looted), south of Sanctuary. The last thing you need to do is build up defenses, a turret first would be suggested, by spending gears and circuitry. You can grab them both from turrets and other mechanic weaponry in Concord.


Get the quest at Abernathy Farm, then talk to Blake until he asks to help with Raiders. All you need to do is clearing the area from Raiders, in particularly one will be tough to challenge as he has a minigun (you should use grenades or molotovs to get rid of him). Then get back to Blake for your reward.


At the Thicket Area, slightly north east from you first met Preston Garvey, talk to Sully: he will ask you to fix the pipes so he can drain the water. Jump into the water and follow the bubbles 10-15 feet down. Return to Sully and defend him from the attack of two Mirelurkers (use Vats to shoot them in the face and save some useful ammo). Talk to Sully again for your reward.


This is the first mission Preston Garvey will deliver to you as soon as he and his people will reach Sanctuary: you will have to clear an area from Raider after speaking to the Settlers in the location Preston will send you first. This mission requires you to take out about 35 raiders and their leader Jared nearby, so we suggest you to be at least at level 5 as it is pretty challenging. Once you cleared the area, return to Preston for your reward.


The map location of this quest is provided below. There you will find Wolfgang and Trudy arguing for some reason. You will have to choose who’s right in this argument, unless you don’t have enough Charisma so you can’t avoid choosing and making the argument a bloodshed. In case you have to choose, Wolfgang has meds and drugs, Trudy has weapons and ammo.



The map location of this quest is provided below. You will have to do a little test you can’t fail in order to enter Covenant. There talk to Honest Dan and help him investigate a missing caravan. Get a key from a citizen of Covenant, waiting until night so you can get one while they’re sleeping, and access the Barracks.

In the Barracks use the terminal to check the location of Amelia, then talk to Dan and go to the checkpoint; at the end of the quest you will have to choose if leave Amelia inside (and fight with Dan) or let her out and have the whole town turn on you. If you let her own the town will become yours after you clear it out. You will lose access to the shop and the doctor here if you free Amelia.



Get this from Preston in Sanctuary and clear out the Mole rats, set up a beacon and report back to him. You could not get the quest if you haven’t taken the area yet.


This quest will require you to help the Brotherhood of Steel and clear the area from a few Ghoul waves. You will get the quest by listening to the radio signal coming from nearby the Cambridge Police Station, south east of Sanctuary.


Talk to Paladin Danse again once you complete the Fire Support quest and get another quest you’ll get if you joined the Brotherhood. Follow him up to the Arcjet factory, clear it from the enemies and use the terminal to restore the power on the bottom floor. Use the engine to take the synths attacking out and take the elevator up to get the quest item. Then talk to Danse and get your reward.


This is another quest coming from the Brotherhood. You’ll get it as usual at the Cambridge Police Station, talking to Rhys and helping him to clear out the college square killing all the ghouls. Go into the subway and clear it again from the ghouls. Return to him for your reward.


At the police station, talk to Haylen and go retrieve an item from the Hillock Reservoir. Return at the police station so you can get your reward.


Get the quest from Preston Garvey, which at first will require you go to the marked position on the map and talk to settlers. Then clear out the Dunwich Borers area from Raiders but watch out, this quest requires you to have at least level 15. Power Armor is really useful in this indeed.


Take the quest at the Slog, the settlement filled with ghouls, where you will be asked to clear another settlement of all the Super Mutants (five). Level 10+ is highly recommended for this.


Preston will point out a settlement for you to go help. Go there and talk to the Settler: you can pay 300 caps for the ransom or go free the sister yourself, fighting about 20 raiders.

Curtain Call

Go to Trinity Tower, then to the top of it and save Rex after fighting a few super mutants and their leader (you might need a Power Armor). Take the elevator down and get Rex’s reward.

Unlikely Valentine

As you go to Diamond City in your quest to find Shaun, you will need to go at Nick Valentine’s office, where you will be provided with the mission to save the detective. He will be at the Vault 114 you will find at Park Street Station. There will be almost 30 gangsters to fight and a final fight with one of them which isn’t particularly tough (unless you don’t manage to convince them with your Charisma).

Before proceeding on your way back to the surface, in the Overseers desk, don’t forget to get a bobblehead as soon as you free Valentine.

Taking Independence

Help enough farms in the Commonwealth and Preston will provide you with this quest, asking your help in retaking the old Castle that use to be the Minutemen’s base. You will need your Power Armor for this, since you will have to free the road to the Castle from a variety of enemies.

Once there, talk to Preston and start the assault against Mirelurks and the Mirelurk Queen. Build two 5 power generators for the radio tower to work and the quest is yours.

Old Guns

In Sanctuary, Preston will ask you to talk to Ronnie at the Castle. Help and follow her around, use the build tool to break down the rubble and get down into the bunker. Watch out mines and the final robot assault. With the assault over, grab the blueprint from the armory room and go back out. Build the Artillery and assign someone to it, then test it at the test spot and the quest will be yours.

Ghoul Problem At Nordhagen Beach

Preston will ask you to protect a farm at the marker set on the map once you accept the quest. Ake down the Ghouls there, return to Preston and get his reward to complete your missions.

Feeding The Troops

Help all the farms in the Commonwealth and, once the Prydwen appears on the map, talk to Protector Teagan on the ship. He will ask food from the farms, take your choose in a list of three, including pay, persuade (if you have enough charisma) and take by force.

Road to Freedom

Visit our complete Road to Freedom to have all the details about this quest.

The Big Dig

Bobbi in the town of Goodneighbor will provide you with this quest, asking for you to go under her building and help with the digging. She’s down the alley between the two warehouses. Once took the quest you won’t have to dig but take some mirelurks out.

Get Mel out of jail as the next step in the quest (if you have enough charisma you won’t have to spend one cap, otherwise you’ll pay a fee or steal the key). With Mel out, return to the Dig site and begin the journey. You will have to take some ghouls and mirelurks out in the meantime, so prepare yourself with some more ammo than usual.

At the end you have a choice, kill Fahrenheit or betray Bobbi. When you return to Goodneighbor, Hancock will know you did it. Agree to help him take care of Bobbi and he will give you her location. You can convince her to leave or kill her yourself. When you return to Hancock, tell him you want to work something out and he will join you as a partner.

Last voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution

You can check out the map location for this quest in the screenshot below. Enter the ship you will find there and go to the top to talk with the captain. Help him repair the ship, raiders will attack you when you finish talking with him. Get rid of them and go down to talk with Bosun, then help him with the wires. You can use your int if it’s at least 3 or higher, or get the wires from the ship. At this point you will have to repair the Power Relay Coil, the int stat required now is level 5 or higher. Help Bosun, then go to the Navigator.


He will want you to get the Guidance chip from the raiders down below. And at this point you will have a chance to join the raiders in taking over the ship or remain with the robots. Next, you will have to repair the Radar transmitter. Int level required is 9, otherwise you can go to the factory and get the part. Then, retrieve the Turbopump Bearing from a factory, finding it in the same spot you will the raider Jared earlier in the game. Return, defend the ship, activate the power and see the ship sail, finally.

The Gilded Grasshopper

Valentine’s Detective Agency will provide you with this quest requiring you to find the Gold Grasshopper in the Faneuil Hall. Take out the Super Mutants there, then go to the roof and grab the Grasshopper. Read the Food for a Grasshopper and head to the next marker. Check out the grave, dig it up and get the sword; return to the office and your quest is complete.

The Disappearing Act

Get this file at the Detective Agency, then go to the Dugout Bar and talk to the guy behind it for the key to Earl’s house. Go to Earl’s and look at the left of the couch: you will find a receipt for surgery there. Go to the Doctor at Mega Surcery close to the entrance of Diamond City, ask him about Earl and he will reveal Crocker was working “on” Earl. Ask him to enter the cellar (bribing him or persuading him with enough charisma), and you will find Earl and Crooker there. Talk to the latter to know what’s happened, then take a choice among two, both leading to a single final.

Emogene Takes A Lover

At the Cabot House in the City you will be asked to retrieve Emogene from her new boyfriend. Go to the third rail and ask about Emogene, and you will get her location. If you have enough charisma you will talk to the priest down and retrieve Emogene really fast. Otherwise you will have to shoot some bullets. Go back to the Cabot House to get your reward and the next quest.

The Secret of Cabot House

Get the quest at the Cabot House, then go and clear out the Asylum of Raider with Jack. Later go to the basement and get to part with the Ghoul down on the floor. At the bottom floor you will have to choose between Jack and Lorenzo. The latter will provide you with an infinite special Serum. Go back to Cabot House for your reward.

NOTE: We will continue to update this guide with details on more Fallout 4 side quest. So stay tuned. You can check out our Fallout 4 Wiki Page detailing all how to guides, tips and tricks, collectibles locations and many other things.