Fallout 4: Brotherhood of Steel – Outside the Wire, Liberty Reprimed and Blind Betrayal

 Fallout 4: Brotherhood of Steel – Outside the Wire, Liberty Reprimed and Blind Betrayal

You have gained The Brotherhood of Steel trust and also the reward of Title Knight with the Vertibird Fast Travel options unlocked. Now it all depends on you how and which Faction you chose to be loyal with throughout the game. Without any further ado let’s begin with next set of The Brotherhood of Steel Essential Quest Walkthrough for Outside the Wire, Liberty Reprimed, and Blind Betrayal.

Fallout 4

Outside the Wire

You need to Pass the Institute’s information/Holotape to Proctor Ingram just after the Institutionalized Mission in order to break the Institute’s terminal.


  • Give Holotape to Proctor Ingram


During you presence in the Institute, you can use the Holotape given by Proctor Ingram to retrieve the information from an Institute terminal or else you can also Complete the Mission Institutionalized and come back to Proctor Ingram to provide all the information.

This can be the decider Mission where you need to choose to share the info of the other Faction in order to gain their trust and continue with them till the End. So be careful while making choices. This brings our Mission to and end and Start of the Faction related ending for the Fallout Story.

Liberty Reprimed

Now that you have decided to continue with the Brotherhood of Stell till the end of the Story it’s time to help our team to stand against the enemies that are the other factions.


  • Locate a high-powered magnet
  • Construct electromagnetic actuators 4x
  • Locate the bomb storage facility
  • Locate the Mark 28 nuke stockpile
  • Activate the distress pulser
  • Activate Liberty Prime


Head Straight to Boston Airport and Speak with Proctor Ingram who is currently working on some destructive machine. He needs to be assistance from Doctor Li which you have convinced(Hopefully) in Mission ‘From Within’ or you need to recruit Professor Scara.

If you choose to find Professor Scara then Ingram will ask you to take the Cerebrofusion Adaptor and show it to Scara. End the conversation and fast travel to Science Center in Diamond City Market and speak with Doctor Duff who will ask you to help her locate Scara.

Now Enter the Back Alley Bowling, in General Atomics Galleria to locate Scara. Then Convince her to join you with the Proctor Ingram’s Project. You can use your Charisma dialogue to impress her or else show her the Cerebrofusion Adaptor to make her believe.

If you have already had Doctor Li with you then you don’t need to get into the Scara mess and directly Speak to Doctor Li about the Prydwen. Return to Boston Airport, help Proctor Ingram with the various electromagnetic actuators. She will hand over you the list of the electromagnetic actuators which you need to get for her.

All the electromagnetic actuators can be found in the Boston Airport Workshop except for the High-Powered Magnet which can be found at the vendors across the wasteland or in any hospital. if you have any issue with finding the electromagnetic actuators simply open the Pip-Boy and Boom, you get your location. Now that you have collected all the actuators, head back to the workshop and start building the actuators with one magnet.

Go and Speak to Proctor Ingram once you have created the Actuators. She will provide you Mark 28 Nuclear Bomb packs for the Destructive Weapon System. Now Go and speak with Scribe Haylen at the edge of the Glowing Sea, you need to prepare the radiation spike with the help of Haylen by using the distress pulser. After preparing the spikes head southwest towards a pyramid looking structure: Sentinel Site Prescott.

Use the Blast on the terminals to open the doors and then enter the tunnel and make you away to the Central Room by eliminating all the Feral Ghouls on your way. As you enter the Control Room, kill Brother Henri and Atom’s Wrath to retrieve the password. Use the Stockpile to get back to Ingram, and power up the destructive machine. Thus ending the mission and you’ll be rewarded with T-60 Medic Pump.

Blind Betrayal

Let’s Punish Paladin Danse for his betrayal towards the Brotherhood of Steel. What to do with him? it all depends on you so let’s check it out.


  • Locate Paladin Danse
  • Speak to Paladin Danse
  • AND/OR Execute Paladin Danse
  • Retrieve Paladin Danse’s Holotags


Head to The Prydwen and speak with Elder Maxson about some quest which you need to undertake. Later you need to search Paladin Danse in order to cross check what he has to say about the quest, but you see that he is missing and fled far away. It’s time to locate Paladin and interrogate with him. Proctor Quinlan and Scribe Haylen will help you with your search.

From there you need to head north of the wasteland to locate Listening Post Bravo, but first you need to take down few turrets and then use the elevator to head down. More Protectron is waiting for you and after eliminating all the enemies you will find Paladin Danse.

You can either kill him directly or you may threaten him to retrieve all the hole tags from him. Once you have obtained all the Holotags from Paladin get them back to Elder Maxson at The Prydwen and complete the mission. Now the question is what will happen if you don’t kill Danse and just threaten him, he will hand over all the tags and leave him behind at the Listening Post and then ask him to join you as your Companion or simply Kill Him.