Fallout 4: Brotherhood of Steel – Shadow of Steel, Tour of Duty, Show No Mercy, and From Within

 Fallout 4: Brotherhood of Steel – Shadow of Steel, Tour of Duty, Show No Mercy, and From Within

Now that you have joined The Brotherhood of Steel Faction and decided to stay loyal with them throughout the game let’s continue with our next Essential Quest for Brotherhood of Steel. This Brotherhood of Steel Essential Quest Walkthrough will guide you with Shadow of Steel, Tour of Duty, Show No Mercy and From Within Quest.

Fallout 4

Shadow of Steel

A very easy and harmless mission in which you interact and know the Brotherhood of Steel member/leaders. You will also be awarded the Vertibird and Power Armor along with the Title ‘The Knight’.


  • Speak to Lancer-Captain Kells
  • Speak to Elder Maxson


Now that you are a part of the Brotherhood, your Pip-Boy will start receiving the Military Transmission. Head straight to Cambridge Police Station and talk to Paladin Danse on the Roof. Paladin will ask you to take the Vertibird and lay to the landscape from The Prydwen. There you will meet Lancer-Captain Kells, speak with him, attend the debriefing and he will guide you with Elder Maxson’s Address.

Locate Elder Maxson and speak with him, once he is done with addressing he will award you with the Title of Knight along with a Power Suit Armor. If you want to try the Power Suit Armor now you will find it at the Power Armor Station 3 of the Main Deck. This brings the fifth Essential mission to an end once you report back to Paladin.

Tour of Duty

Similar Mission where you know more about the Brotherhood of Steel and their leader. Communicate with them and know their main cause.


  • Meet Proctor Ingram
  • Meet Proctor Teagan
  • Meet Proctor Quinlan


After your Meeting with Elder Maxson, he will ask you to have a look at the ship and meet the crew members of the Base. First head towards the Power Armor Station to Meet Proctor Ingram then to the Supply Store to meet Proctor Teagan. You will also find the Maxson was Right holotape in that same Room(Supply Store).

Once you interact with these two you will have a side quest unlocked called Feeding the Troops. Head back to the Proctor Quinlan Office to meet him and unlock another misc mission Getting Technical. Thus ending your Essential Mission Tour of Duty.

Show No Mercy

It’s Time to get some action after few cold missions. In this mission, you will be fighting head-to-head with the Super Mutant Behemoth in order to secure the Fort Strong.


  • Kill the Super Mutant Behemoth
  • Secure Fort Strong
  • Secure Fort Strong Armory


Once you have met all the crew of the ship go back and speak with Elder Maxson where he will ask you to Get to the roof of the Fort Strong and eliminate the Super Mutants forces. Now you can make use of the Vertibird Minigun from the roof to clear all the Super Mutant forces.

Your main objective is secure the Fort Strong and Armory from the Super Mutant Behemoth. Once you have eliminated all the Enemies head inside the Fort’s Armory and complete the eradication. Make sure you go to Paladin First before speaking with Elder Maxson. Paladin will award you with Vertibird Fast-Travel and later Maxson will reward you with Vertibird Signal Grenade 8x.

Now that the Mission is completed, the next Mission depends on how you have made progress with your Main Quest. If you have completed the Institutionalized Main Quest then you will have ‘Outside the Wire’ Quest open or else ‘From Within’ becomes available.

From Within

You need to be very careful with the Mission from now til the End of the Story as the change in your loyalty can totally turn the scenario. In this Mission, you have to Fight against few Synths in order to get Doctor Li back to Brotherhood and help her with the evidence.


  • Retrieve evidence to convince Doctor Li
  • Bring the Holotape to Doctor Li


As you have not completed the Institutionalized Main Quest you need to complete this part of the Mission for Brotherhood of Steel and then get to the Outside the Wire quest. You should be very careful with your judgment and decision making in order to complete the Mission.

Once getting the Fort Strong secured, Elder Maxson will ask you to locate Doctor Li and help her find the Evidence. You have two option to Help her:

Use your Charisma dialogue to Convince her to Join you

Access Virgil’s Lab in BioSciences section of The Institute and locate Brian Virgil Personal Log 0176

Once you brought back the evidence to Doctor Li you can then continue with your main Quest Institutionalized and back to Brotherhood of Steel’s Essential quest Outside the Wire. Go back to Elder Maxson to complete the Mission.