Fallout 4 Ending: The Nuclear Option Brotherhood of Steel and A New Dawn

 Fallout 4 Ending: The Nuclear Option Brotherhood of Steel and A New Dawn

The Nuclear Option is the Act 3 of the game which depends on which faction you choose to be Loyal with. This Fallout 4 Guide will show you The Nuclear Option for Brotherhood of Steel and the story after this Quest. Without any further due let’s check the Final conclusion with Brotherhood of Steel.

Fallout 4

The Nuclear Option Brotherhood of Steel

This Mission will be only available if you have completed rest of the Essential quest with Brotherhood of Steel and stay Loyal with them.


  • Reach Institute reactor
  • Use terminal to override Institute lockdown
  • Plant fusion pulse charges inside reactor
  • Activate detonator


After Talking to Elder Maxson, you need to head straight to the Institute and inside the Institute’s reactor. First go towards the Robotics Area to defeat the Synths coming against you then get inside the BioScience Lab to continue toward the reactor by blasting the Door.

Now head towards the father’s quarter via central elevator to obtain the password for the terminal. Once you obtain the password go to the Advanced System to enter the reactor chamber. Here get ready to take down few synths and scientists then continue accessing the reactor door to activate the housing.

Proctor Ingram will help you teleport to the Institute Relay Control Room, then speak with Elder Maxson and Ingram where they will mention a child nearby and you have two options:

  • Agree to save him and look after him
  • Say the child must stay

Now Teleport back to the Mass Fusion Building roof with Elder Maxson and Proctor Ingram, get ready to finish off the Institute with a press of that button. This Completes your mission by eliminating the Institute. Speak with Elder Maxson to conclude and continue your journey in the Wasteland with other misc Quests.

A New Dawn

This mission will only trigger after you have completed The Nuclear Option with Brotherhood of Steel. This is just a simple informative mission to know more after the Nuclear War.


Speak to Elder Maxson


After you have successfully eliminated the Institute, head back to the Prydwen and speak with Elder Maxson. He will Award you with the Title Sentinel within the Brotherhood of Steel along with T-60 Jetpack for your Power Armor. Thus completing the one the Endings of Fallout 4. You are now left with the Brotherhood of Steel and the other misc quest. Also, Check out our other Fallout 4 Endings Here.