Fallout 4: Far Harbor Collectibles Islander’s Almanac Magazines: Perks, How And Where To Find Them

 Fallout 4: Far Harbor Collectibles Islander’s Almanac Magazines: Perks, How And Where To Find Them

Far Harbor is said to be the biggest additional content ever created by Bethesda, and it looks like this is to be believed as it supports a 20+ hour storyline and, among other things, even a brand new collectible called Islander’s Almanac – it’s a magazine as others you can find in Fallout 4. You can find five of them in Far Harbor. Once you do it, you will unlock a dedicated trophy/achievement. Here’s where they are located and which are their perks:

Fallout 4: Far Harbor

Far Harbor’s Sightseer Guide: Points of Interest map markers unlocked across the island.

This magazine is located right in the town of Far Harbor. Simply go inside the Last Plank bar (it’s big, you can’t miss it), and head to the table in the corner with the windows.

Children of the Atom Expose: 10% less damage from Radiation attacks (but not from plain radiation).

This one is located in Arcadia, inside of the Synth settlement you find there. Use the stairs that are to the right of where you enter, and find the reception desk in a large room.

Recipe Roundup: Sludge-based recipies are now available at Chemistry Stations.

Head over to the National Park Visitor’s Center; it’s located at the north of the island. When you get there, walk through the front door and immediately turn right to find the reception desk with this Islander’s Almanac.

Precision Hunting: 5% higher VATS chance against active animal combatants.

At the south of the island is the Brooke’s Head Lighthouse. You’ll want to head all the way to the top of the lighthouse and climb up so you can check the flower shelf.

Pincer Dodger: 5% less damage from Mirelurk melee attacks.

North of the lighthouse is the Northwood Ridge Quarry. When you enter, you will pass several “can traps” so you can climb up onto a wooden platform. Continue on and enter this wooden room where you’ll find a bed, a chest, and some other things. your final magazine will be between the bed and the chest.

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