Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC Walkthrough – The Way Life Should Be, Secret Medical Facility, Avery’s Death

 Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC Walkthrough – The Way Life Should Be, Secret Medical Facility, Avery’s Death

After knowing about DiMA’s Memories in Chapter 5, you will choices where you can either start The Way life should be or Cleansing the Land as it totally depends on how you are handling the side quest. This walkthrough guide will show you how to complete The Way life should be chapter and then process to the Ending of the Story.

The Way Life Should Be

The Way Life Should Be

Note: If you had already taken action for the Cleansing the Land chapter then this Chapter will be closed.

Now that you have known DiMA’s memories which have potentially dangerous plans for the citizens of Far Harbor. You must know what he is actually hiding behind the Abandoned Vim Pop Factory(Southern end of Island). So let’s get started with the hunt and reveal the secret.

Vim Pop Factory

Once you make your way towards the Vim Pop Factory be ready to face some high-End Super Mutants. Fight few of them from the start and then directly head towards the Medical Facility which is across the small bridge to the Main gate. Get past the Parking Garage from the right then take down then next bunch on Mutants from the rooftops before entering the Vim Pop Factory from the other side of the truck.

DiMA’s Secret Medical Facility

As you Enter the Factory you can find the Medical Facility path on the first floor, but it won’t be easy as the place is full of Moel Rats and Super Mutants. If you head up then don’t forget to Full Suit Power Armor near the terminal. Head down and you will find Huge Vats of Vim then with the use if the elevator(terminal Locked) you will enter the Medical Facility.

Head directly towards the Basement where you come across an unmarked grave. Digging the grave will show you the coffin containing human skeleton with a locket, skull, and a Holotape. After Listening to the Tape you will feel terrible as the secret will reveal about the murder of Avery. This Opens you to 3 main endings to the quest and here is what will happen if you select:

Confront Avery

If you select this path then Head towards the Harbor and confront Avery, Speak her about the murder directly and ask about DiMA before showing her any evidence of the murder. After she accepts try to pull out more if she is hiding something as she knows DiMA is guilty. She will try to protect the townspeople from gathering at Acadia so take the caps to keep silence and then head towards DiMA.

Inform Allen about the Murder

At first, he will act weird but once you show him the evidence. He will then ask you to take the skull to the local doctor – Teddy and examine to find the victim. Teddy will confirm skull’s authenticity, but till then Allen was carried way with Avery’s justice so if you lie here that the skull isn’t a positive match he will back down or he will take the townspeople to kill Avery first and then head towards Acadia. This will no survivors including Kasumi. This will also make sad that Kasumi’s parent’s fate and the file will be closed. On the other hand, Allen will reward you with Lucky Eddy(Action Rifle), 2000 caps and Boost damage at low health.

Confront DiMA

If DiMA is confronted first about the Murder and replacement of Avery will not only give him his memory back but also make him realize how Mad he was. Here you will have two options or either keeping it a Secret and help to achieve the peace in Far Harbor or threaten him to tell Far Harbor about the same.

Keep it a Secret

If you choose this path then Both the Children and People of Far Harbor will not end up with a War as DiMA will ask you to replace the High Confessor Tektus and then Both the Synth – Avery and High Confessor will solve their issue. You will also be awarded a Unique Synth Armor called Acadia’s Shield.

Threaten DiMA to Inform Far Harbor

If you select this path then the outcome totally depends on how many quests you can complete so far which can either lead Far Harbor Resistant to march towards Acadia or Not, but this will surely end DiMA. Kasumi’s fate depends on how the battle goes and later you have to End Far Harbor or the Nucleus to end the story.

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