Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC Walkthrough – Visions in the Fog, Nucleus, Grand Zealot Richter

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After dealing with DiMA in Chapter 3, you decide to finally set out to find the Children of Atom. This is a very short Chapter where you need to gain the trust of Children of Atoms and let give you the further access to DiMA’s memories. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Walkthrough

Visions in the Fog

Visions in the Fog

Now that Kasumi is aware of DiMA’s plans you need to head down to find the Children of the Atom in order to enter the Vault that contains DiMA’s memories. So head towards the Nucleus and you will see Grand Zealot Richter is talking to two of his members so do not interrupt him until he is finished. Once he is done he will ask you and offer you to join their Stronghold.

Drink the Water

Once you agree to join he will ask you to find the Spring and Drink the water to be a believer of the Radiation Mother. Head directly to the next marked location to find this Spring and while you are heading that way you will see Rads increasing. After finding this mysterious Spring it’s time to taste the Holy Rads free Water.

Now everything near you will be blurry and green as the heavy dose of Rads have affected you and now you need to follow the Ghostly Figure. She will take you to a shine, but on your way, you will see various creatures affect by this water and don’t they won’t bite you.

Collect the Idol

Once you reach your destination you will see a couple of Ghouls waiting for you and stop you from entering the Shrine. You need to kill them all and then enter the Shrine, and as you head towards the terminal it requires a password which you can find on the left of the terminal and you will see the Hint.

The Door unlocks and now you can grab the Idol and fast travel to the Richter and tell him everything about how your experience. Richter is happy that Mother let you show the sign above the Atom and you are allowed to Join the Stronghold. Thus completing the Walkthrough for the Fourth chapter and you can continue with next chapter – Best Left Forgotten.