Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC Walkthrough – Walk in the Park, Captain Avery, Longfellow

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After you find out the way towards the Big Foggy Island in Chapter 1, you will come across new people. You need to help them to gain their trust as they are not in a good mood to help the strangers so talk to Captain Avery and help her to find more clues. So let’s see what all we are going to explore along with this investigation.

Walk in the Park

Walk in the Park

Once you arrive at the Far Harbor, you will see the whole town is covered with fog and you hear someone talking about the visitors they hate which is obviously us. Talk to Captain Avery to know more about Kasumi, but something goes wrong and she asks us to help her Defend the town and she will answer our every question.

Defend the Hull

Once you are done talking to her it’s time to head up to take the post on top of the wall and defend the Hull. Hold your position until some crawling creatures out of the mist, take them down and after the first wave, you will hear some more noise which are some Anglers, monsters like creature. Take them down and you will certainly gain the trust of the townspeople.

Find and Talk to Old Longfellow

Once the battle ends talk to Avery to know more about missing Kasumi and she will first reward you with the caps to save her town then she will brief you about the Fog and how lethal they which they believe is Children of Atom’s fault and finally tell you about the place called Acadia where Synth Refuge is there so only one person can take your there alive that is Longfellow.

Enter the Last Plank to find Longfellow where he will ask you to bribe him with some Whiskey rather than Caps. Once you hand over him the Whiskey he will agree to take you to Acadia. Start Following him and also grab some good guns in order to survive the journey. On your way towards Acadia, you will be haunted by Vicious Wolves, beasts, and several others.

Keep an eye on the Mini-map also use the VATs to locate the enemy. Soon you will come across one of the Children of the Atom who is also the worshiper of the Fog. She will offer you to join their cult in order to survive, but for now, you need to head with the investigation which is to reach Acadia and find Kasumi.

Explore Acadia

Once you reach the Top of the Mountain, you see all the air is clear and an Observatory right in front of you. Even Longfellow will get off to him the place which is right outside the Harbor. Get inside the Observatory to start the next mission which is Where you Belong.