Fallout 4: How to avoid the Molerat disease Trick Guide

Molerat Disease in Fallout 4 can be spread due to a bit of Moles in Vault 82. Once you get such Disease there are multiple ways of cheat and get a second vaccine for the cure, but here we will try to make you understand how to avoid the Molerat Disease permanently. This Fallout 4 Guide will show you how to avoid such Molerat Disease in any Vault of the Game.

How to avoid the Mole Rat Disease‚Äč

When you visit Vault 81 there are chances that you might get bitten by the vicious creature called Mole-rat. If you do get one bite of this creature then you will be affected by a Disease called Molerat Disease and lose 10 HP permanently. It is very Important to save every bit of move you make for eg: You killed a few mole rats and a room is clear then SAVE, You climbed the stairs SAVE. In short Save all the time. There are several ways you can avoid the molerat disease:

Note: Always check your stats after each fight, to see if you caught the disease


It would be funny if mole rats would bite your companion and you catch the molerat disease because of your bitten companion. We find this as the simplest solution is to avoid the Molerat Disease. During the quest and make your companion either stay a bit behind you in order to help you fight the mole rats or make him/her stay a lot behind and don’t help you at all.

Armor and Weapons

Armor or Power Armor makes you naked for molerats, you should remember that you will still catch the disease if the mole rats bite you. Equip an armor, not for Molerat, but for other enemies. Carry a large clip size weapon that does a lot of damage, and let you do a respectable amount of shots in V.A.T.S. We choose Alien Blaster pistol which you can obtain by killing the alien near the U.F.O. crash site. If you have a large clip size, you don’t need to reload all the time. Just kill the mole rats in V.A.T.S. and only reload when it says “HIDDEN” that is when you sneak.

Hacking and Knowing you Enemies

When you are near the end of this mission with an Expert hacking skill then everything will go nice and easy. You will avoid fighting many vicious mole rats with just hacking the computer near the door. Your enemies are mostly mole rats, but few Turrets and a Protectron are also waiting for you inside. You’ve probably fought mole rats before this missions, so you know that they can pop up from anywhere. They can just dig their way and suddenly appear behind you. The only bad thing is that some mole rats are much tougher and may require more than one hit, depending on the weapon you are using.


Sneaking all the time is the best move you can afford in the Vault. You always need to aware of the molerats searching for you and when they are not. The mole rats will suddenly appear after you cross some specific areas, so you must always know when they are going to attack you.

When you kill them all, then take the password for the computer that you couldn’t hack before and open the door next to you. The nightmare has ended. Mix all the Strategy shown above and you can avoid the mole rats and the disease with ease.