Fallout 4: How to Boost your Chem-Jet and Break the Game with any Difficulty

 Fallout 4: How to Boost your Chem-Jet and Break the Game with any Difficulty

Tired of the difficult Challenges you facing throughout the Wasteland? Want to Remove all challenges in Fallout 4 forever, regardless of the difficulty? Here we have the Best trick guide where you don’t need any cheat, mods or console commands, just playing with game mechanics.

Boost your Chem-Jet

Note: Take a Backup of your save game before Making any changes.

We just tried this for fun, but you can avoid this changes if you don’t want to ruin your balance. As we already informed that this is a legit part of the game and not cheat or any mods. We honestly have no idea if this will still work after a new patch is rolled out.

So you remember how the Chem-Jet provides you about 5-6 seconds of bullet time right? This is a Slow down technique which we will be focusing on throughout the guide. Here it only slows down the time except for your ability to move your aim so you are able to take useful shots on the Bigger enemies first.

The Real secret is not how we aim the secret here will be how to break the game and extend you aim. Are you aware of the Chemist Perk which looks highly overpowered? You need to Upgrade it to Rank 4.

How to Boost the Chem-Jet

Once you take the Perk to Rank 4, the Jet will now last for SIXTY SECONDS, you get enough time to wreck your enemies, enjoy easy shots on your targets weak points over and over! Try combining Chem Resistant if you want. Thus Breaking the Game and all the balance is ruined, but you can still enjoy your very best. Go ahead and have fun with your new Overpowered Perk.