Fallout 4 Guide: How To Build An Effective Settlement And Make It Work The Way It Should

 Fallout 4 Guide: How To Build An Effective Settlement And Make It Work The Way It Should

Fallout 4 introduces a great new feature for the series, settlements. Gamers have now a chance to build a proper refuge and use it to store stuff, or also defend his own life when the situation gets too steamy. Since this definition, we know, is really reductive, we will provide you with all the tools to build a settlement and make it work the way it should in the following lines.

Fallout 4 Settlement Guide


A settlement needs at least one bed to make the settler satisfied with the place you decided to provide him with. Cloth and wood/steel are very common so you won’t have any problem in this, once you have them hold V and go into Furniture > Beds.

Settlers will also need one unit of water and one unit of food. For water, go into Resources > Water and place a bunch of water pumps (on the ground, not indoors); for food, you can start gathering melons in Sanctuary, planting them from Resources > Food. It takes some time but you can also get plantable fruits in the Super Duper Mart in the wooden containers.


Defending your settlement is an important part in Fallout 4’s gameplay. You can accomplish it by installing guard posts, turrets, traps, or placing items through the workshop UI.

Guard posts offer 2 Defense point each, although they have to be active in order to add these points to your defense. Press E on the settler to assign a settler to guard, then press E again to assign him on the post you want him to guard. Turrets just need to be placed in the spots you think the enemy is going to attack most. Just place them and they will start shooting to everything that moves in the environment. Traps require power and have AOE effect. Placing things requires you to use the left mouse button to rotate, E to build, and R to scrap.


Power is also an important asset you have to handle properly while playing Fallout 4. First you need to place power generators to… well, you know, generate power. Then, press space on the generator, space again on the thing you want to link to. By the way, there’s a limit in range, so you might be willing to put a generator close to each big thing you need to be powered.

Power can be used to run a huge amount and variety of items. For example, Fallout 4 includes a settlement recruitment tower, which is going to be one of the first things you will want to produce, or very complex traps and contraptions if you think you need even more defense at your base.

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