Fallout 4: How to Build Anywhere in the Commonwealth

 Fallout 4: How to Build Anywhere in the Commonwealth

Every time you need to use the Workshop you must head to your safe place and then do the upgrading part. What if you can build anywhere and anytime you want? With the help of this Fallout 4 Guide, you can Built anywhere in Commonwealth and you can use the workshop anywhere in Fallout 4. A simple Trick that will help you Build without any mods.

Build Anywhere in the Commonwealth

How to Build Anywhere in Commonwealth

Step 1:

Press ~ on your keyboard(while the game is running)

Step 2:

Type in ” tgm” (without quotes)

Step 3:

Type in ” Player.Placeatme c1aeb”


Step 4:

Hold down V to start building

Step 5:

It’s Done and you may build anytime and anywhere.

Important Notes:

  1. If the Base is built outside then it will be not marked on the Map
  2. The size of a settlement outside should be as big as sanctuary
  3. If you build inside a cell then the base will disappear in few days as the enemies respawn here.
  4. If you don’t want the ability to build workshop then simply click on the workshop on the console where it says ‘c1aeb’ (at the top of the console). Just type “disable” and get rid of this ability.
  5. You are unable to use this building ability to destroy cars and trees etc.
  6. You need to clear enemies from this area ” Simply make sure you are in god mode by typing ” tgm ” in the console