Fallout 4: How to get 100% Concord Useful Items Loot Map Location Guide

 Fallout 4: How to get 100% Concord Useful Items Loot Map Location Guide

Concord is a city in Commonwealth and is one of the big location which player sets in after the post-apocalyptic event. The Player is set free to explore and being the first city to explore in Fallout 4, he might miss tons of important items to collect. This Fallout 4 guide will show you the useful collectible in Concord you should be looking out for.

100% Concord Useful Items Loot Map

Concord is a very big city and if we look at the Map below, they City is divided into sections that are Concord City with +30 houses, areas, sewers, workhouse etc and the other part as the Museum of Freedom which is the building on a different cell of the Map. So let’s begin with your hunt to find all the useful collectibles and clear the Concord 100%.


As Show in the Map above, we are going to have a more precise look in these marked 14 areas to get all the useful collectibles.

House 1: Advanced Lock


While coming from the Red Rocket, you will see the first house on your right. The Collectible here are:

  • Nuka-Cola Quantum in the fridge
  • Some average loot

House 2: Beginner Lock


While Entering in Concord, you will see this house with a ruined blue van is in front. The Collectibles here are:

  • Beginner Lock
  • Some average loot

House 3


East of The Concord you will find this House and the collectibles here are:

  • Raider corpse on the second floor
  • Sniper Rifle just next to the corpse

House 4


This one is not a lootable house, but you can find Minutemen corpse just outside the house in the garden. The Loot you can get here are:

  • Minutemen outfits
  • 15 cells next to the corpse

Drug Shop: Expert lock


You can find this shop on the Main street of the Concord and the collectibles here are:

  • Three containers with loot, ammo mostly

Cyan Shop


This building is just opposite to the Drug Shop and you find an average but useful loot.

Hardware Shop


Similar to the Cyan Shop you get an average but useful loot. This building can be found on the Main street just at the corner in front of the Museum.

Note: Preston and his gang will notice us while entering this shop so be careful.



The Campfire can be found at the outskirts of South Concord. A place worth checking out as there are many random spawns takes place, from Raiders, Gunners, Drug sellers to Friendly NPCs, Frag mines and many more. The Fixed Loot here are:

  • Corpses
  • Some containers with average loot
  • Usable cooking station

Workhouse: Advanced Lock


This is one of the noticeable buildings in Concord. it has two-floor entrance and the loots that can be found here are:

  • Green military bag
  • Average loot

Speakeasy: Advanced Lock


This is also one of the Noticeable building in the Main streets of Concord. It worth to check out his place as it will full of rare collectibles:

  • Lunchbox
  • Two units of X-Cell
  • Two units of Day Tripper
  • Two drugs(improve +5 our Charisma)

If you gather these two drugs and join the Grape mentats with one beer then you can pass from CH 1 to CH 16 which shows that you can improve up to x8 CH at very less price.



Yet another amazing loot to be found in the sewers. There are three entrances to this sewer, one from trapdoor behind the Pulowski Preservation Shelter, another from a trapdoor in the middle of a small passage of the main Street and last one from a hole In the Deathclaw’s entrance spot. And the collectibles here are:

  • Raider corpse with caps and five drugs close to it
  • Fusion Core
  • Lunchboxes x2
  • Taboo Tattoos magazine, next to four containers with loot

Roof of the Museum


You need to get into the quest in order to get inside the Museum or get off the roof of the Museum from the roof of the church by jumping on the crashed vertibird then collect the loot without any interaction with Preston Garvey and no need to activate the main quest line. We recommend using the easy way by starting the mission as it will then trigger the Deathclaw and the sewers entrance as well. The loot here are:

  • Power-armor
  • Minigun/ammo
  • Holotape

Church: Expert Lock


The Church is just next to the Museum of Freedom Building and the loot you can find here is:

  • Sniper Rifle
  • Power-armor(if tried jumping from the roof)

Museum of Freedom


The Last Building we are going to loot is the Museum of Freedom. Remember you don’t need to trigger the mission, try jumping from the roof to get inside the Museum. Do not interact with Preston Garvey just keep looting the Museum. You will have to face few raiders. The Loot here are:

  • Perception Bobblehead
  • Fusion Core (basement)
  • Robco-Fun Magazine (on the table with the terminal)
  • Laser Musket (in front of the museum door)
  • Minutemen corpse and plenty of raider’s corpses all over the area