Fallout 4: How to get 100% Happiness Settlements Tips and Tricks

 Fallout 4: How to get 100% Happiness Settlements Tips and Tricks

Everyone wants to get 100% Happiness with large settlers in Fallout 4. We have seen many Fallout 4 players are still swinging between 80-90% Happiness, but not 100. We decided to show you what and where you might be going wrong and what should be done in order to get 100% Happiness in Fallout 4 regardless of which area you are.

100% Happiness Settlements

In this Guide, we will be sharing the pros and cons of how to deal with the settlers. If you manage to follow the guide we can assure you with 100% Happiness and keep your settlements above 80 easily.

How to get 100% Happiness

Here is the List of Do and Don’t that may help you get 100% Happiness, regardless which settlement you are in. The Dwellers/settlers behave the same way no matter where they are so you need to keep the basic in the mind and do as much as possible. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the list.


To Stay at 50% happiness, you need to provide 1 food and 1 water and a bed to each settler. The Setts productivity totally depends on his happiness the more happy he stays the more productive he will be and Vise Versa.


Each Settler can consume up to 2 food before the excess is stored in the workshop. So for 20 settlers you must have at least 40 food. You can grow Corn, Mutfruit, and Tato at the Cooking station, but make sure you choose Purified Water as well.


Purified water is any time the better option. If you want a settlement to be very happy, then you must connect a supply line, delete Water Pumps in the settlement, and produce excess purified water at another settlement. Fortunately, Sanctuary, The Castle, and Taffington Boathouse will be the best option for HUGE amounts of water production and a large defense to keep it safe.


Any bed with a roof over it is enough for any settler. Beds with frames may or may not increase happiness(varies from place to place).

Supply Lines

The Supply Lines are connected to the Workshop which are used to transfer food, water, and junk between settlements. If there is a surplus in food or water then it can degrade the quality, sometimes they can work as a network and Settlers assigned to supply lines become Provisioners. Provisioners can not be killed though they may be mortal on Survival difficulty.


Any stores except Weapons and Armor can add happiness. Among the other stores, Bars and Medical seem to be most effective. The Amount of caps which are generated via these stores is deposited into the Workshop as ‘Misc’.


In order to prevent your settlers from the Attacks, you must build defense high up which is almost impossible to access. 2X Defense to Resources never works, if sum(Resources) > sum(Defense) then the chances of attacks increases and if 2*sum(Resources) == sum(Defense): Decreases the chances of attacks. Let the Supermutant get bashed with a Super Sledge through a hail of gunfire and die on the way.


Line your turrets up where they can support each other. Build or use natural choke points and defend them heavily(use terrain). As the Enemies can spawn inside the wall, it’s important to put your generators well behind your defenses and Defend the inside of your base. The Settlers Happiness decreases if they hear Turret and generator noise so it’s better to keep the beds away.


  • Build a Food / Drink stand with a chair for each of your settlers. Let them hang out at night and socialize with each other.
  • Select the Wooden Floor #5 from the concrete foundation to increase the area level. Similarly a Wood floor #1 at any level you want to snap the foundation.
  • Turrets have a very long range so you can easily keep a tight perimeter for beds / traders and let your farm be outside.
  • Settlers with no work will sit at the Food / Drink stand after 9 am.
  • If you Settlement has one Powered beacon then you can gain one settler per day and if your base is full then try moving a settler to another settlement and let that also grow.
  • The Settler will use the Bell or the Siren to alert the other Settlers whenever they see a danger.
  • Flags are only available based on your allegiances if you have enough then check the under wall decorations.
  • Good Settlers can be assigned to the Scavenger Stations. #1 under Resources, Misc.
  • You can even trade settlers weapons, ammo, armor, and even grenades, but try to keep them equipped with some weapon.
  • Once you cross 80% then the happiness will slow down so here you can try decorations which will give a little boost to your settlers.
  • To build a caravan post in your settlement to cause the traders from Bunker Hill to stop at your settlements you need to complete the quest chain in Bunker Hill. Talk to Kessler to get the quest Kill Zeller then rescue the caravan survivors.


  • Gun Nut 1 – Allows Heavy Turrets
  • Science 1 – Allows Industrial Water Purifiers
  • Science 4 / Gun Nut 3 – Have fun with Turrets, Missile Turrets, and Heavy Lasers.
  • Local Leader 2 – Needed for Supply lines and for trade stands.
  • Cap Collector 2 – For Level 3 stands
  • Medic 1 – Clinics


  • Lights increase a settlement’s happiness.
  • Use large generators if you are planning to build a limit and need space. As the Medium Generators have the lowest net junk cost per power produced.
  • You must have a Light near a Power Coupler to work, they do not require any power, but still they should be placed near them. Make sure a power line is strung to the power coupler.

If you anything to add in here then feel free and let us know what changes or information to share in the comments below.