Fallout 4: How To Get Infinite/Unlimited Adhesive For Crafting

 Fallout 4: How To Get Infinite/Unlimited Adhesive For Crafting

Many Fallout 4 players are frustrated with a fact that there are not enough adhesive to be discovered in the game. I have a good news for all these frustrated players who are finding it difficult to find adhesive. There is a simple way using which ou can get Infinite ADHESIVE in Fallout 4 for Crafting. There is a recipe which will provide players abundant Adhesive if cooked right, and the best part is that most of the content required for this recipe is home grown.

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There is a recipe in the cooking menu under “util” called ‘Vegetable Paste’. If you break down this paste it becomes (5 adhesives), yes you heard that right, FIVE ADHESIVES.

The recipe calls for 3 each of mutfruit, corn and tato, and 1 purified water. All of these can be grown at your settlement, giving you a permanent supply of each. Here is a semi-spoiler TIPS/TRICKS where you can find these veggies: There’s a ton of tato at Abernathy Farm, TenPines Bluff, and GreyGarden. Lots of corn and mutfruit at GreyGarden

Regarding purified water, Cogsworthcan gives you Purified Water from time to time, and it would be better If you build a water purifier in your settlement, you will occasionally get purified water deposited at the workshop. Building an industrial sized water purifier in the river at Sanctuary will provide you 31 purified water in your workshop.

That’s it guys, Happy crafting. Also, you can also get adhesive from scrapping the hard to find Duct Tape and Wonderglue.

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